Tactical Resilience: Physical Practices for Peak Field Performance (Part 2)

Tactical Resilience: Physical Practices for Peak Field Performance (Part 2)
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-09-13
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Helping professions are very demanding. Those employed in these fields must be fit in every sense of the word to be hired. Being in these professions, however, subject them to more stress and critical and traumatic events than the general population is exposed to in an entire lifetime. And despite being physically and psychologically fit, things deteriorate without proper recovery as time goes on. This course explores tools of Tactical Resilience that those in helping professions can leverage for a fulfilling career and life.

Back to share his expertise is this session’s esteemed speaker, Rodger Ruge. Rodger is a professionally certified stress management & biofeedback practitioner, life coach, Resilience Advantage Trainer, and the founder of HeroTalk LLC. He’s served in law enforcement for two decades and dedicated his work upon retiring to assisting first responders with wellness and resilience.

Specifics Rodger covered in this webinar include:

  • The concept of tactical resilience – what it is and what it entails to achieve this.
  • The vagus nerve, its functions, and how it impacts the different parts of our body and how we show up to the world.
  • Manifestations of a healthy vagus nerve and symptoms of dysfunction.
  • The benefits of vagal toning exercise to our external disposition and internal functions.
  • Vagus nerve stimulation exercises that can be easily implemented at home or even at work.
  • Professional services available to further enhance the vagus nerve – what they are and what they accomplish.
  • Dietary habits and elements to integrate and avoid to assist with vagal toning.
  • Cold exposure: How it stimulates the vagus nerve, how it is done, its benefits, and important reminders to properly implement this.
  • What the mitochondria is, its functions, and what can be done to enhance mitochondrial functions effectively.
  • The importance of rest and sleep in self-care.
  • A rundown of the adverse effects of insufficient sleep specifically on law enforcement officers’ job demands and health.
  • How to properly utilize prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids and the professional services to seek if sleep continues to be a challenge.
  • Depleting and renewing emotions
    • The depletion to renewal grid and the different emotions that fall under each.
    • How depleting and renewing emotions impact mitochondrial and vagal functions and the chemical reactions it brings to the body.
    • The effects of prolonged exposure to depleting emotions.
    • How renewing emotions improves situational awareness, resiliency, recovery, cognitive processes, job performance, creativity, and health and longevity.
  • Different breathwork exercises to try and practice to support tactical resilience.
    • The Double Breath Exercise which is useful to energize the body.
    • The Holotropic Technique that boosts energy and enhances sensory perception valuable for peak field performance.
    • Square or Triangle Breathing to calm down, stay in the zone and be able to manage critical incidents or physical and mental stress more effectively.

Questions raised by the webinar attendees are about:

  • Having cold showers for daily practice.
  • References on breathwork.
  • The optimal time to do the body vibration practice.
  • Information and benefits of cryotherapy and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.
  • What autonomic nervous system activation is.


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Audience Comments

  • “I like how concrete examples were used. The presenter was engaging. Thanks!” — Rachael
  • “The techniques provided are easily practiced. A lot of subject matter was covered in depth comprehensively and was extremely well presented, clearly and concisely. Well done!” — Bill
  • “I liked the exposure. I will try some of the techniques and it was a good reminder of how important this is.” — Jodell
  • “This was a great webinar! I learned new techniques to stimulate the vagus nerve.” — Deedee
  • “Fantastic webinar with great information!” — Billy


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