Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors and their Pets through Collaboration

Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors and their Pets through Collaboration
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-09-03
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors and their Pets through Collaboration
Unit 2 Transcript: Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors and their Pets through Collaboration
Unit 3 Workbook: Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors and their Pets through Collaboration
Unit 4 Recording: Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors and their Pets through Collaboration

This webinar will discuss the importance of cross-sector collaboration in supporting domestic violence survivors and their pets.  It will focus on overcoming barriers to creating pet-friendly programs at shelters and will cover everything from lack of space, to allergies and liability to funding. A successful pet-friendly program is possible and can become a fundraising tool by focusing on building collaborative partnerships and creating a thorough program plan.  This webinar is intended for anyone who interacts with domestic violence survivors and/or their pets.


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Audience Comments

  • “My organization is beginning a capital campaign to build a new shelter which will include pet-friendly rooms. Great resources and ideas and well as fundraising ideas. Great webinar!” — Sarah
  • “I did not put two and two together with animal abuse and domestic violence. Joining forces with the local vets and humane society with the Crisis Center here in [my town] would be so great!” — Renae
  • “I know that placement with pets is a serious problem that makes DV victims hesitate to leave/not leave, but had no idea that there are more resources than I imagined.” — Lois
  • “Great presentation! I appreciate the example of the son that witnessed DV and issues in the home, and talked with the pet and told the dog his feelings, but not others. So common. As a child counselor, investigator, and supervisor with CA Superior Court, I find children often find comfort with a pet, and adult victims of DV too. Great resource website. Thank you.” — Lezlie
  • “Really appreciated all the info! My animal shelter currently partners with our city’s DV program to provide boarding for pets of survivors. There were some really helpful points brought up that I plan to incorporate into our current program.” — Joanna




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This webinar has been pre-approved by the Maine Animal Welfare Program for 1 Continuing Education Unit for the State of Maine’s ACO annual training. You can find more information about Certification, required annual training or submitting materials for credit at Maine’s Animal Control Officer Resource Page.





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