Supervisor as Coach: Lead Your Direct Reports to Their Own Solutions for Performance and Motivation Issues

Supervisor as Coach: Lead Your Direct Reports to Their Own Solutions for Performance and Motivation Issues
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-10-19
Unit 1 Presentation Materials: Supervisor as Coach: Lead Your Direct Reports to Their Own Solutions for Performance and Motivation Issues
Unit 2 Transcript: Supervisor as Coach: Lead Your Direct Reports to Their Own Solutions for Performance and Motivation Issues
Unit 3 Workbook: Supervisor as Coach: Lead Your Direct Reports to Their Own Solutions for Performance and Motivation Issues
Unit 4 Recording: Supervisor as Coach: Lead Your Direct Reports to Their Own Solutions for Performance and Motivation Issues

There is transformative power in embracing coaching techniques in leadership. This session explores how a coaching mindset that taps into both the leaders’ and their followers’ learning agility can address challenges in the criminal justice space through a five-item playbook that paves the way toward success.

This webinar’s instructor is Dr. Tamara Lyn, the founder of High Ready Coaching and Consulting which offers executive coaching to those in high-impact, high-stakes careers such as law enforcement and public safety. Her background includes decades of service in high-intensity correctional settings, serving in clinical and executive roles in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and working as a warden amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifics of her discussion covered:

  • How the current state and challenges in public safety and law enforcement, including those surrounding recruitment and retention, can benefit from adopting a coaching mindset.
  • A brief background on how Tamara developed the coaching mindset, what it is based on what it wants to accomplish, and its elements.
  • The VUCA environment that criminal justice professions operate in and how developing learning agility, comprised of self-awareness, mental agility, people agility, change agility, and results agility, helps navigate VUCA situations effectively.
  • The specific elements of learning agility demonstrated in the clip from the movie Cast Away.
  • How agile leaders are a mix of innate traits and developed skills.
  • The playbook strategies to develop each of the elements of learning agility.
    • Developing self-awareness by assessing strengths and weakness, paying close attention to strengths and empowerment.
    • Activating mental agility by helping supervisees examine their beliefs and automatic thoughts and utilizing the power of pause to open up response options instead of reacting on impulse.
    • Facilitating people agility by promoting psychological safety that allows employees to learn, contribute, and innovate through a culture of feedback and support and inviting out-of-the-box ideas.
    • Cultivating change agility by approaching resistance to change with empathy and curiosity instead of viewing it as defiance.
    • Fostering results agility by espousing learning, explaining the decision-making process, brainstorming stretch goals, defining measures of success through SMART goals, and celebrating wins.
  • Questions to ask that highlight a person’s strengths and empower team members.
  • Things to reflect on to create a reality check from assumptions and emotional reactions.
  • Delineating what psychological safety is and is not, the skepticism to it in the corrections and law enforcement field, and its benefits.
  • The 7-Day Psychological Safety Challenge and ways to encourage out-of-the-box ideas that help leaders be more intentional in creating psychological safety within their teams.
  • Insights on why people fear change, how to unpack where the fear is coming from, and how to help others overcome the fear.
  • Working on an action plan to apply the playbook strategies in the workplace.

Questions from the webinar attendees are about:

  • What core values are.
  • Resources to learn more about learning agility.
  • Extending patience to people who are resisting change.
  • Common objections and challenges in adopting the coach mindset in a profession that is rooted in authority and rank.
  • Skills required to be a great manager or coach.
  • Looking for learning agility during the hiring process.
  • Coaching someone we don’t like.


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Audience Comments

  • “Excellent content; encourages refocusing on goals and a reminder to consistently use empathy. Thanks.” — Dianne
  • “Very knowledgeable and easy to understand with short key points and takeaways.” — Randall
  • “The presenter provided information and strategies that one can apply.” — Herlinda
  • “Overall very useful content.” — Jamie
  • “I appreciated her candidness as well as her discussion regarding the idea of what do you do, what can you do, what should you lessen. It will be utilized in coaching methods from this point forward. Thank you. The movie clips were engaging.” — Katie
  • “The various Learning Agility aspects and the Coaching Mindset. I’m studying this right now in a year-long certification program, so this enhanced and reinforced some of what I am currently learning.” — Kristen
  • “It was all so valuable. The handouts were especially excellent.” — Sandra
  • “I really appreciated the focus on strengths and empathy, and the fact that the presenter has personal experience with how challenging this can be in the correctional environment.” — William


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