Success Factors in Your Career

Success Factors in Your Career
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-08-04
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Success is elusive to those who gauge it with money, status, or fame. But when we come to understand that success is relative, it becomes a more feasible concept to pursue based on our values. This webinar discusses success factors in the workplace, tips on how to attain career goals, and paving the path toward our personal definition of success.

The resource speakers for this course are Sheryl Victorian and Cara Rabe-Hemp. Sheryl has been with the Houston Police Department for 27 years where she is currently the Assistant Chief. She’s served in various roles and earned awards and commendations for her service including the 2018 Public Interface Award from the American Society of Public Administration. Meanwhile, Cara is a member of the Department of Criminal Sciences at Illinois State University and her research focuses on policing particularly diversity in policing and how it impacts police behavior and opportunities in the field. She’s got a Doctorate from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Sheryl and Cara take turns on this session to explain concepts and how these are applied to real-life career development. Points covered include:

  • An introduction into Sheryl and Cara’s personal brand of leadership which integrates the views discussed in the webinar and concepts to build trust.
  • Understanding the relative nature of success to realize how it is defined based on an individual’s values.
  • Setting goals by reflecting on the things identified as priorities, keeping them SMART, writing them down, putting the plan into action, and sticking to it through an accountability mechanism.
  • The steps to reaching goals by leveraging…
    • Professional development channels through higher education, courses, conferences, publications, and professional organizations.
    • Effective workplace communication by conveying intentionality and fostering working relationships which leads to a positive work environment and overall success.
    • Networking and working with a mentor or a sponsor.
  • Getting started with professional development by looking at one’s strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Non-traditional routes to professional development by taking on responsibilities outside of the usual tasks by volunteering or doing rotational assignments
  • The trade-off when pursuing professional development which may require sacrifices but reap life-changing benefits and a glimpse into Sheryl’s track to higher education.
  • Various resources in the form of conferences, publications and professional organizations that provide opportunities in terms of work, collaboration, career advancement and networking.
  • Active listening as a critical skill that allows an individual to be a better team player and leader.
  • The five principles and practices of connecting and other tips that enable an individual to communicate more effectively and generate influence.
  • Building relationships with mentors and sponsors who can provide guidance and support as well as opportunities congruent to one’s identified goals.
  • Practical tips on how to become more effective in networking and the benefits of networking in your path to success.
  • Imposter Syndrome: What it is, how it halts our progress towards success, and ways to overcome it.

Sheryl and Cara provided clarifications to the webinar attendees on:

  • The acronym TREEAT – the concepts to build trust.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training.
  • What relational policing is and how it ties up to success.
  • The composition of professional development.
  • Funding sources for continuing education.
  • Leveraging life experiences and lessons when navigating the law enforcement career for someone who started on the field later in life.
  • Overcoming social issues to be more open to networking.


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Audience Comments

  • “Great information related to real-world experiences presented in an easy to understand manner.” — Adam
  • “It’s always great to essentially get a “roadmap” to becoming more successful professionally. Even though there is no right way, this webinar certainly laid the foundation on what works and ways to improve yourself. Loved it! Thank you!!” — Andrew
  • “I like that both presenters come from a place of being candid. I also thought it was great to hear that they use this personally and presented the information so clearly. TREEAT is awesome.” — Carri
  • “Just getting a refresher and confirmation on what I’ve attempted to do in my career for the past 25 years. The presenters were great, and the questions asked also. Thank You for always presenting such timely presentations :)” — Elaine
  • “The most valuable piece of information to me in this webinar is networking and active listening. Great webinar and I’m pleased with the presentation of information. — Freya
  • Wow! Amazing information on leadership. I am a huge fan of John C. Maxwell and was impressed so many of his books were mentioned as resources.” — Kathy
  • “The recommended reading list was a great resource. I love to try and incorporate books like that into my library. I plan to use the references to learn my strengths. I also plan to visit the websites of all the professional organizations they listed and look for publications and articles.” — Laura


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