Stop It! Words that Probation Officers Should Practice Not Just Preach

Words that Probation Officers Should Practice Not Just Preach
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded August 7, 2017
Unit 1Words that Probation Officers Should Practice Not Just Preach Slide Deck
Unit 2Recording: Stop It! Words Probation Officers Should Practice and not Preach

Community supervision is an essential and critical component of probation.  It is more than just having clients show up in the office.  However, when a client is in your office, how are you using that time?  What is the focus?  Are you “telling” your clients “what to do or not do?” Or are you providing them the tools to become successful?  The panelists will present effective supervision strategies for supervising clients, including what to do with a resistant client.  The panelists will discuss several key issues for the supervision of clients ranging from the importance of honesty, responses to behaviors- negative and positive, creative supervision strategies, effective drug and alcohol monitoring and case planning.  Additionally, they will talk about building a rapport and the balance between accountability and social support.  The panelists will discuss how all of this should and can be done in an evidence based practice way and why this component is essential.

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