Spiritual Wellness for Criminal Justice Professionals

Spiritual Wellness for Criminal Justice Professionals
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2021-08-12
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In the last couple of years, there has been a shift in the criminal justice training arena towards the ‘soft skills’ to help criminal justice professionals manage the people they work with and themselves more effectively – this runs the gamut from communication and de-escalation skills, critical thinking and decision making to self-care and mental health. This session focuses on another aspect of the soft skills realm, spiritual wellness.

Leading the webinar is Bobby Kipper, the Executive Director and Founder of the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence. He served with the Newport News Virginia Police Department and Office of the Attorney General of Virginia as the Director of the Gang Reduction Program. A Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author, he has over four decades of experience in both the public and private sector and is nationally renowned for his approach to positive community.

Bobby’s discussion covered:

  • The concept of spiritual wellness and its personal and spiritual components.
  • What spirituality and spiritual dimension means, and how it is manifested in and influences the different areas of our life.
  • Relating the concept of spirituality to the basic principles of integrity, values, ethics, and morals in the criminal justice system and our general yearning to be of value and impact the lives of others.
  • Ways that spiritual wellness impact our lives in terms of…
    • Differentiating fleeting happiness from the more constant inner peace and strength.
    • Belief in something that’s greater that ourselves allowing us to practice humility.
    • Discovering the practice of silence amidst an overwhelming world of constant information.
    • Frequenting places that we enjoy which further develops our concept of inner peace.
    • Identifying positive peer connections and avoiding ones that breed negativity.
  • Recommendations to improve our spiritual wellness by…
    • Exploring our spiritual core by reflecting on our identity, weakness, strengths, areas for improvement, purpose, and what we value the most.
    • Looking for a deeper meaning by focusing on the things that we can’t control.
    • Expressing our thoughts and feelings – be it with a peer, a counselor/therapist, or through journaling.
    • Being active and improving our physical wellness which subsequently impacts our internal perspective.
    • Traveling and taking a break to make time for yourself.
    • Thinking and building a positive experience by focusing on positivity and eliminating negative influences.
    • Meditating to allow us to internally process and organize our thoughts, feelings, and activities.
  • How culture sets the climate and tone of everything we do which emphasizes the importance of establishing spiritual wellness in enhancing individual and organizational effectiveness.
  • Differentiating spirituality from religion based on its focus and the activities involved in each.
  • How people can remain spiritual even outside the confines of an organized religion.
  • A personal story of how Bobby’s experiences in his job in law enforcement challenged his concept of spirituality growing up and how it consequently established the foundation of a deeper spiritual wellness.

Questions raised during the Q&A were about:

  • Finding the good and keeping the faith amidst the evil we see every day.
  • The internal and external aspects of religion.
  • The link between emotional and spiritual wellness.
  • Related resources on spiritual wellness.
  • How culture sets the climate in an organization.
  • Getting leadership to realize the value of spirituality and integrate it within the organization.


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Audience Comments

  • “This presentation was the most significant training I have ever had in my career. It is timely, on point and should be provided to all first responders. It should and will be a crucial resource and tool moving forward. Kudos to the presenter!!!!!” — Anya
  • “I found what Bobby had to say on the matter very important, and help solidify the steps I’ve taken for myself in regards to finding my spirituality in my work as a Corrections Officer. Thank you.” — Brittany
  • “I believe that Spiritual Wellness should be promoted in government institutions because workers often feel unappreciated, overworked, and disregarded. The lack of Spiritual Complex makes the job more complex when being a public servant is a stressful profession. Bobby thanks for all of the Nuggets and Gems you provided today, and you’re correct, Culture does set the Climate.” — Deandria
  • It was a good and productive review of what I have been personally practicing for 50 years. I think we are at a critical point in our history where all efforts from as many sources that promote these concepts and core beliefs need to become more active if we are to survive. There is only one planet, and we are all on it, and we all need to do what we can to promote peace and tranquility on this planet, which includes the earth, the water, the air, and our fellow animal citizens. — JAMES
  • I learned the importance of improving my spirituality especially working in a negative/stressful job. — Karina
  • It was a great webinar and It lighten me more about spirituality. I am not a religious person but would like to be. — Laurel
  • Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. I have been in this business for 30 plus years and I believe in everything Bobby is sharing. I do a lot of it already, but it’s always good to hear it over and over again. Good webinar! — Randi
  • This is probably one of the best webinar’s I have attended. Thank you all for allowing this topic to be taught. I feel the way our country is right now, it is knowledge that is so very much needed. — Carrie
  • aving a sense of our own personal spirituality is so important to the work we do. I am a firm believer in my higher power (God) and rest in the fact that He leads me in the best direction according to His plan. Being reminded of that today–amidst so much work to be done–was exactly what I needed at this very time. I have a renewed sense that I am not the lead in these efforts….I just need to be willing to do the work…one step at a time, one day at a time…that He has entrusted me to do. — Sandi


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