Smile! You’re on Not-So Candid Camera

Smile! You're on Not-So Candid Camera
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2020-10-27
Unit 1Slide Deck: Smile! You’re on Not-So Candid Camera
Unit 2Recording: Smile! You’re on Not-So Candid Camera

In an era when nearly everyone is equipped with a smart phone with audio-visual recording ability the number of recorded negative encounters between law enforcement and the public over the issue of officers being recorded is distressing. In the webinar we are going to discuss and hopefully dispel the myth that in most cases when an officer is in a public area they have any legal protection against having their activities recorded. We are going to talk about the privacy rights, or lack thereof, of officers and third parties and when and where the legal right to record activities ends. We are going to look at case examples of what to do or not to do and practical and legal issues in an age where it may seem like the whole world is watching your every move- because it just might be true.


Audience Comments

  • “Very informative as things are so much in news with police recordings and we are receiving more and more cases where 3rd party (didn’t realize that was gas station, malls) recordings are used for prosecution frequently for Probation cases.” — Beena
  • A clearer understanding of police limitation or lack thereof stopping video of police action. — Christopher
  • An excellent and important topic for active law enforcement and well covered. — Darin
  • A lot of great general knowledge and clarification that I didn’t receive previously and hasn’t been a focus of our academy. — Jodi
  • “Learned about the reasonable expectations of privacy being a crucial point. Reinforced my belief that a person can expect to be recorded anytime, anywhere in public. Good webinar.”  — Susan
  • “This was relevant and provided practical useful information.” — Tracey


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