Shelly Katkowski

Shelly Katkowski is a lieutenant from Burlington (NC) Police Department and is currently working with the Police Executive Research Forum in a fellowship program for a 6-month assignment.  Shelly has been very involved with PERF developing and teaching Integrating, Communication, Assessment, and Tactics (ICAT), Suicide by Cop, and use of force. She was also selected as a PERF coordinator at SMIP in 2019.

Shelly is the Director of Training for the Burlington Police Department.  She currently oversees the in-service training program, leadership secession planning, the FTO program, and the CISM/ Peer Support Team. In addition, Shelly previously served for several years as committee chair over the Use of Force Review Board and the Pursuit Review Board.  Shelly is a certified instructor through North Carolina Justice Academy Training and Standards in the following disciplines; General Instructor, Subject Control and Arrest Techniques (SCAT) Instructor, and Physical Fitness Instructor.  In addition to this, she serves on the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standard’s Commission’s Advisory Board for both SCAT and Physical Fitness.

Before becoming a Lieutenant, she was assigned to the Patrol Division as a lieutenant, sergeant and police officer, and spent several years working undercover in the Special Operations Unit. Shelly would ultimately like to serve in the department’s command staff and eventually become Chief of Police later in her career.

Shelly has a master’s degree in Education from Bucknell University and a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh. In addition, Shelly attended the Administrators Officers Management Program at NC State University and Senior Management Institute for Police through PERF.

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