Sam L Davis

Sam L. Davis is the Director of Officials for the State of Michigan. Previously he served as the Jail Administrator from the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO), Mason, Michigan. Sam graduated from the Mid-Michigan Corrections Academy and the Michigan Police Academy.  He served as Chair of the Jail Administrators for the Michigan Sheriffs Association until his retirement and was appointed to the Governor’s Task Force on Racial Equity.

Before joining the ICSO, Sam spent thirty-three years as a Teacher, Coach, Principal, and Central Administrator for the Lansing School District (LSD).

He is an Adjunct Professor in Criminal Justice at Michigan State University (MSU) and works part-time for the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). He teaches nationally on Effective Communication Skills, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Leadership, Ethics, Dynamic Work Cultures, Verbal Judo in Corrections, and other leadership topics.

Sam is a lifetime member of AJA.  As a board member of the AJA, Sam serves as Secretary and chairs the Training and Professional Development Committee, and the Leadership Track on the Conference Planning Committee.

Major Davis is a past winner of the AJA’s President’s Award for service for his leadership and commitment to the ideals and goals of AJA.

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