Sabath Huttle

Sabath Huttle is a Firearm Surrender Coordinator with the new Regional Domestic Violence Firearms Enforcement Unit of King County (Seattle), Washington.  Along with her fellow Coordinator, Theresa Phillips, she is forging a new path in the realm of victim advocacy.  Combining traditional advocacy work with investigative research, Sabath collects information from victims regarding their abusers' access to guns, shares this information with law enforcement and prosecutors in the Unit, and provides victims with resources about safety planning and community support services.  Sabath was part of the Unit’s pilot program that began in July 2017.  Prior to the pilot launch, she worked for nearly a year as a volunteer researcher for the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, compiling data on orders to surrender weapons and problems pertaining to compliance with those orders.  She is a weekly volunteer crisis line advocate at LifeWire in Bellevue and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Social Work Program at the University of Washington. 


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