Ron Nichols

Ron Nichols, of Nichols Forensic Science Consultinghas 25+ years of experience as a firearm and toolmark examiner at the local and federal levels in accredited laboratories.

He is the author of Firearm and Toolmark Identification – The Scientific Reliability of the Forensic Science Discipline. He is widely published with a number of his publications routinely referenced in published court decisions with respect to Daubert and Frye evidentiary hearings. He has testified in over 100 criminal cases and evidentiary hearings involving firearm and toolmark evidence at the state and federal levels.

He is internationally recognized as one of the leading experts in communicating the scientific foundations of the firearm and tool mark discipline to both technical and lay audiences providing training and consultation nationally and internationally, including on behalf of the United Nations. He brings 15+ years of experience developing training curricula, modules and workshops and providing training in various national and international venues for new and experienced examiners and technicians. He currently offers a complete Firearm and Toolmark Training Academy providing effective and customized training for law enforcement agencies in the United States and internationally.

With his expertise and training in ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020 he was one of the primary architects of the successful redesign of a nationwide ballistic information network. His primary area of focus was on the implementation of more timely forensic-based strategies while remaining within accreditation guidelines.

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