Rodger Ruge

Rodger Ruge is a 20-year law enforcement veteran and peaceful warrior who served in a variety of assignments including patrol, SWAT, motorcycle traffic enforcement, field training of new recruits, gang and narcotics enforcement, defensive tactics training, emergency vehicle operations training, firearms training, detective investigations, employment background investigations and training division management supervising thirty police officer trainers.

Rodger is a credentialed law enforcement master instructor through California POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) where one of his duties was to design a wellness program for all of California law enforcement. Rodger is professionally certified as a stress management & biofeedback practitioner through the Stress Education Center, a life coach through the Human Potential Institute and a Resilience Advantage Trainer through the HeartMath Institute.

During Rodger’s career, he experienced a series of trauma events that lead to a diagnosis of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD). From this experience, Rodger channeled suicidal ideations into a relentless, 30-year and counting exploration of non-traditional modalities that brought him complete healing, much to the dismay of the medical community who told him a “disorder” can only be managed, not cured. These healing modalities were founded in the principles of mindfulness and resiliency from warrior practices dating back thousands of years.

Rodger studies meditation with monks and monastics, subtle energy manipulation with martial arts masters, breathwork with Russian and U.S. special forces personnel, and shamanic practices with a Viet Nam combat veteran and 5th generation Apache shaman. Rodger believes utterly that there is no one path to healing the body, mind, and Spirit, rather each person must explore a variety of modalities to find “the one(s)” that works for their unique and individual needs.

After retiring from law enforcement in 2005 Rodger founded HeroTalk LLC to teach the hero community of first responders how to balance their body, mind, and spirit in service to their communities. Rodger does this through his advanced training programs, resilience coaching with his clients, and keynote engagements.

Rodger is also a published author of three books: The Warrior’s Mantra (Barricade Books, June 2005). He has also co-authored two books with Dr. Renee Thornton: Navigating Adversity, Tactical Resilience for First Responders (Amazon Publishing, March 2021) and Keeping It All Together: Building Resilience at Home while Serving Community (Amazon Publishing, June 22).

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