Robert “Ty” Routley

Ty Routley, with 28 years of experience in the Property and Evidence Division of Portland, Oregon’s Police Bureau, manages a team of 16 staff members as well as overseeing 300,000 articles of evidence across two facilities. Ty’s expertise spans diverse evidence types, including firearms, currency, narcotics, bio-hazardous items, and DNA. He is also certified in Forklift Training, Property and Evidence, and Law Enforcement Inspections and Auditing.

As the division’s safety officer, Ty implemented new safety procedures related to PPE, respirators, Forensic Drying Cabinets, and powered industrial trucks. He played a key role in designing, building, and relocating the department’s new Property and Evidence Warehouse, which also hosts the entire P&E Division. Additionally, he contributed to legislative matters concerning DNA evidence in Oregon and served on the Attorney General’s Biological Evidence Advisory Committee. Ty has also conducted evidence handling and packaging classes for police officers and taught at the Bangladesh National Police Academy.

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