Responding to a Recruiting Crisis: Using Innovative Tactics to Transform Your Recruiting Practices

Responding to a Recruiting Crisis: Using Innovative Tactics to Transform Your Recruiting Practices
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-03-26
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As the human population rise, so does the demand for services that will ensure their safety and security. Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies are seeing a decline in the number of applicants. The lower number of applicants, of course, results in an even lower number of individuals who are able to go through the stringent process and qualify for the positions.

This session’s resource speaker is Captain Nicholas Augustine from the Montgomery County Department of Police (MCDP). He is currently MCDP’s Director for Personnel Division, leading the team in their recruitment and hiring efforts as well as managing promotions and retention. He has over 19 years of experience in law enforcement working in various roles and has been recognized for implementing innovative solutions within the department and their community.

Captain Augustine recounts MCDP’s experience with the recruitment crisis and shares how they addressed this. Points tackled on this webinar are:

  • A look into Montgomery County, Maryland, their police agency, and their requirements for police officers.
  • The law enforcement recruitment challenge through statistics on the national level, and MCDP’s own data trends reflecting this.
  • The driving forces behind the decline in law enforcement applications.
  • The changes in technology, crimes, lifestyle, social issues, as well as the competition, anti-police sentiments and the current health care situation that contribute to the issue.
  • A look into MCDP’s recruitment funnel where an initial roster of 600 applicants is narrowed down to 30 individuals with a final offer.
  • MCDP’s initiatives to streamline the recruitment and hiring process through technology, and flexibility in terms of communication, scheduling and test location.
  • Methods that MCDP employ to attract more recruits and applicants through open enrollments, incentives, surveys, social media presence, and billboard ads.
  • The challenges that police agencies face including applicant’s lack of knowledge, criminal and drug history, job-mindset instead of a long-term career, and the work-life balance conundrum.
  • Proactive efforts that MCDP is putting into place to increase interest in the field and prepare potential applicants through leadership, cadetship, and early hiring programs.
  • Taking into account the public health crisis when it comes to recruitment through efforts that observe social distancing and leverage technology in testing and interviewing.
  • MCDP’s hiring process for civilian versus sworn personnel.



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Audience Comments

  • “Speaker is an excellent resource person for the Law Enforcement hiring process. Very creative options to attract candidates. Thanks for all the ideas – we needed that!” — Roseann
  • “I felt it was incredibly helpful to see the chart he created showing an applicant pool, and then all the reasons why they lose applicants and end up with the ability to make offers to so few. It was shocking. However, it’s good to know this hasn’t gone unnoticed, and that departments are stepping up to address issues and try to retain the best officers they can for the future.” — Garrett
  • “Our police department hiring is governed by our Civil Service Commission and the process is very antiquated. We are actively working on getting them to understand the need for change. You validated much of the reasoning we are presenting to them. Also, I appreciated how you addressed the new issues we will be facing due to COVID-19. I found this webinar to be very timely and helpful. Thank you!” — Kelly
  • “Sharing that we are all facing the same issues across the nation.” — Kelly
  • “Our Agency is from Colorado. I liked hearing other ideas of how Agencies from other states are working on recruiting.” — Kelly
  • “I am actually not affiliated with law enforcement but we do partner frequently and do training with them. I attended to gain ideas on how we as a partner can help LE increase recruitment. This webinar was very informative and gave our organization so many ideas as a non-profit on how we can help our local tribal LE agency. Thank you so much.” — Kim
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