Reducing Response Times with Smart Fleet Management

Reducing Response Times with Smart Fleet Management
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-10-27
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When we talk about efficiency in call for service response, we typically think about the responder, the dispatcher relaying information, people’s training and familiarity with response protocol, or the workforce management that ensures there’s adequate staffing to provide the needed service level. This sessions urges us to look at another aspect of response – the vehicles that get the responders from point A to point B.

Joining the Justice Clearinghouse to unpack the fundamentals of fleet management through Verizon Connect is Amin Amini. He is the Associate Director of Global Solution Engineers for Verizon Connect, with 20 years of experience assisting enterprise and public sector organizations in their efforts to streamline processes and increase efficiencies through technology.

Specifics he discussed are:

  • The realities of public safety where timeliness and responsiveness is vital, there is limited resources, and unlimited public scrutiny.
  • The key challenges fleets are facing in terms of driver and vehicle safety, maintenance consistency, responsibilities of and expectations from fleet managers, and managing public perception.
  • Verizon Connect’s fleet technology that:
    • Leverages actionable data to reduce costs, improve driver behavior and dispatch decisions.
    • Enhances safety and response time through location tracking, route-planning and notifications for unauthorized vehicle activities or potential accidents.
    • Delivers monetary savings through a tracking system for diagnostic trouble codes and monitoring driver behavior that allows preventive maintenance
    • Oversees accountability and inventory through automated tracking, updates, and reports.
    • Manages public perception by providing data to demonstrate fleet presence, activity, and responsiveness.
  • A case study for the city of Hamilton illustrating how telematics solutions was able to:
    • Track a large fleet of vehicles’ activities and needed maintenance.
    • Enhance service levels and reduce idling.
    • Improve service to the community particularly through a public-facing snow-plowing application which positively impacts public safety workload.
  • A rundown of the valuable features and capability of smart fleet management
    • Live tracking of the vehicles and the drivers.
    • Analytics that help improve public perception.
    • Automated reports for supervisors who manage and monitor costs, vehicle maintenance, and driving behavior.

Questions from the audience were about:

  • Challenges that may rise when getting your organization to implement this system.
  • Weighing on the benefits and risks of vehicle tracking.
  • The ability to keep officers safe and track collisions and send alerts about it.
  • Video capability and third-party agency integrations.
  • The system’s fee structure.



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Audience Comments

  • “I liked the overall topic of vehicle telemetrics and how they can be utilized…” –Don
  • “The speaker knew his subject matter.” — John
  • “Having accurate data is not just for department improvement. The same data can be utilized for training, PR, and legal purposes.” — Robert


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