Rebecca Villalona

Rebecca Villalona retired after 20 years as a law enforcement officer from an agency in Central Florida.  There she worked in various positions including DEA Federal Task Force, K-9, Narcotic Street Crimes Units, Major Crimes and Homicide before moving up in ranks to Lieutenant.  She is still sworn and holds the rank of Captain (Reserve) for the Quincy Police Department where she assists their Investigation Unit with Cold Case Homicides.  Rebecca holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida in Criminal Justice with an understudy certificate in Criminal Profiling.  She also holds a master’s degree from Barry University in Public Administration.  Rebecca is a Sales Director for SoundThinking Connect, working with agencies across the United States with their need for Patrol and Resource Management.  Additionally, she works with smaller agencies in the Southeast United States helping them leverage Respond Gun-Shot Detection to assist with their Gun Violence Strategies.

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