Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner

Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner, MPA is a Senior Lecturer at the Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy, Cornell University. She teaches several courses on disaster policy, environmental policy, environmental justice, project management, environmental rules and regulations, design thinking, and consulting. Rebecca’s recent research projects include projects on just adaptation to flooding, equity in managed retreat, bridging policy with science, climate change education, and building disaster resilience with vulnerable communities. At Cornell, Rebecca holds additional roles as an Atkinson Sustainable Future Faculty Fellow, an Engaged Cornell Faculty Fellow, and a Maurio Einaudi Faculty Associate. In addition to her teaching and research, Rebecca has extensive experience as an environmental consultant in New York and California, working with community organizations, government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. For FEMA, Rebecca serves as co-lead for the FEMA Higher Education Service-Learning and Leadership Special Interest Group. More about Rebecca here

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