Protecting Key People in Your Organization

Protecting Key People in Your Organization
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-04-13
Unit 1 Slide Deck: Protecting Key People in Your Organization
Unit 2 Transcript: Protecting Key People in Your Organization
Unit 3 Workbook: Protecting Key People in Your Organization
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Safety and security are essential – heads of states, organizational leaders, and celebrities face threats and risks and employ protective details to provide this. Ordinary people, however, can likewise encounter such threats and find themselves in danger, especially for those working in criminal justice. It is vital to keep the key people in our organizations and ourselves secure and protected in case of threats or attacks.

Mark Warren is back on the Justice Clearinghouse to provide a primer on personnel and personal protection. Mark is the Vice President and Director of Training for Strategos International. He has 27 years of law enforcement background serving in different capacities, involved in high-risk arrests and undercover operations.

Specifics of this webinar include:

  • Defining the concepts of threat, risk, protection, and the protective team’s role.
  • Characteristics that heighten an individual’s vulnerability for threats and common factors observed in attackers of public figures.
  • The most protected public figure and the critical role of the protective detail in ensuring security as seen throughout history.
  • Who is a VIP traditionally and why we all qualify as VIPs.
  • The different factors that determine the size of an individual’s protective detail, and the phases and components of a comprehensive protective detail.
  • Understanding the most important aspect of executive protection which happens behind the scenes and before the main event that focuses on the route and site survey.
  • The deadly diamond: How this determines the areas with the highest likelihood of threat or attack between one’s work and home.
  • Averting time and place predictability and making one’s self a hard target by modifying routines and routes.
  • Multi-layered protection providing the protective detail more time to move the client to a safer place that can be scaled depending on the level of threat and risk.
  • A glimpse into how attackers and stalkers surveil their victims and plan an organized attack.
  • Statistics that demonstrate the danger and nature of attacks on principals and comparing US data with outside US figures.
  • The value of awareness, the details and information you may miss without it, and the levels of awareness we possess in different situations.
  • What qualifies as surveillance and how to detect surveillance by observing the environment and an individual’s behavior.
  • Tips on what to do for personal protection and avoid being a target.
  • Examples were provided demonstrating…
    • How a college student circumvented the security of a sports team.
    • The multi-layered protective ring employed in a large-scale stadium event.
    • The value of awareness to detect individuals who may be conducting surveillance and is a threat to your safety.
    • What to do when you think you’re being followed.

Questions from the webinar attendees were about:

  • Recommended resources on personnel and personal protection.
  • What victim advocates can advise victims to best handle threats posed by an abuser or stalker.
  • Advance planning for a VIP’s travel route.


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Audience Comments

  • “Practical, experience-based, comprehensive, and thoughtful–excellent!” — Bill
  • “In my opinion, the entire webinar is very valuable. Very informative and made great points.” — Spurgeon
  • “While this is not what I was expecting, it turned out to be better as it applies to all of us thus pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the information!!” — Rebecca
  • “A great walkthrough of this topic. Even experienced folks picked up some good tips.” — Matthew
  • “Thinking differently about my work and personal safety, as well as the safety of others.” — Lisa
  • “The topics which Mark Warren discusses are very interesting. Thank you.” — Antonia



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