Professional Certification for a Law Enforcement Planner: What? Why? And How?

Professional Certification for a Law Enforcement Planner: What? Why? And How?
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2020-02-25
Unit 1Slide Deck: Professional Certification for a Law Enforcement Planner
Unit 2Workbook: Professional Certification for a Law Enforcement Planner
Unit 3Recording: Professional Certification for a Law Enforcement Planner

What is a law enforcement planner? It isn’t as easily defined as it not specifically just one title or person. What identifies the role is its roots in data-informed decision-making encompassing various areas that enable an agency to plan ahead for the future.

This course’s resource speaker is Cassie Johnson, a Senior Analyst for the Scottsdale Police Department and the Executive Vice President of the International Association of Law Enforcement Planners (IALEP). In her work with the Scottsdale PD, she delves in the areas of performance measures, data analytics, and process improvement, among others, taking on the lead role in high profile projects.

Cassie unpacked the concept of law enforcement planning which includes:

  • Defining what a law enforcement planner is based on its functions and responsibilities.
  • The different areas that law enforcement planners work on and examples of tasks and deliverables for each topical area.
  • The deviations per agency when it comes to planning functions in terms of the organizational structure, distribution of responsibilities, the type of staff (sworn vs. civilian), and staff allocation.
  • The varying career paths employees may traverse to be a part of and within the law enforcement planning field.
  • The importance of having a planning section in an agency to have a team dedicated to developing evidence-based and strategic initiatives towards improving the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.
  • An overview of what the IALEP is, their history, membership, initiatives, and opportunities offered that aim to advance the careers of their members.
  • IALEP’s Professional Certification that outlines its types and process.
  • Understanding the IALEP Professional Certification application process including the requirements, best practices, examples, and demonstrations.

Cassie clarified points during the Q&A concerning:

  • IALEP’s involvement with agency PIOs.
  • The inclusions of the IALEP membership.
  • The different types of law enforcement agencies and roles that can join IALEP.
  • Preference for individuals with IALEP Certifications.
  • Using IALEP Certifications in other professions outside of criminal justice.
  • The time frame it takes to become an IALEP-certified planner.
  • Software that may be used to collate the various requirements for application.
  • IALEP’s membership outside of North America.



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Audience Comments

  • “I appreciate that JCH webinars always have practical information that applies to my everyday work. Thank you!” — Brenda
  • “All of the varying topics related to being a law enforcement planner. It is more encompassing than I imagined.” — Candice
  • “I learned that its important to be aware about the importance of a planner and how different other agencies work different when it comes down to communication.” — Marlene
  • “The most valuable information was learning why police departments should have a Planning Section and how to obtain professional certifications.” — Marvin



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