Preparing for Your Second Career from Day 1: Developing an Exit Strategy for a Meaningful Career and a Purposeful Life

Preparing for Your Second Career from Day 1: Developing an Exit Strategy for a Meaningful Career and a Purposeful Life
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-11-02
Unit 1 Presentation Materials: Preparing for Your Second Career
Unit 2 Transcript: Preparing for Your Second Career
Unit 3 Workbook: Preparing for Your Second Career
Unit 4 Recording: Preparing for Your Second Career

Are you at a crossroad in your life? Is the demand of a job in the helping profession making you reconsider your career and life plans? Know that others have been through the very same situation they are in, and this webinar provides guidelines to aid you in successfully navigating this phase of your life and career.

Back on the Justice Clearinghouse to provide the pointers in your transition is Brenda Dietzman. Brenda is a passionate speaker with more than 28 years of law enforcement and corrections experience. She provides evidence-based training solutions and inspiring presentations in the areas of resilience, leadership, developing women leaders, and leading generations to improve individuals and organizations.

Brenda’s discussion covered topics like:

  • Thriving vs. Surviving: What dictates it and how we can take control of this aspect by intentionally planning our track.
  • The role that leaders play in guiding subordinates to carve a path towards thriving.
  • The internal and external sources across different facets of our life that we must expand and grow to foster resilience, strength, purpose, and experience a generally full life.
  • Personal mission statements: How it serves as a moral compass, source of motivation, and foundation for life and samples of meaningful personal mission statements.
  • The importance of self-awareness in living according to our personal mission statement and thriving.
  • Bounded Rationality Theory and the brain – how our brains distinguish which ones to focus on from the millions of information it is subjected to at any moment.
  • Understanding how our routines and experiences determine the speed that time that seems to go by.
  • Experiencing life in a more profound way through journaling, opportunity lists, doing things outside of our norm, leveraging time multipliers, gratitude practice, physical activity, and diet and nutrition.
  • Recommendations on how to manage and maximize our finances in preparation for retirement or our second career.
  • The factors we should take into account when leaving employment in terms of finances and insurance, purpose and desire to work or volunteer, connections and relationships, and holistic health.
  • A very insightful video to help us understand the things that are most important to us through discernment and the process of elimination.

Question from the audience were about:

  • Balancing between acknowledging extreme feelings and trauma and not being a victim of the circumstances.
  • The spiritual resources.
  • Brenda’s journaling practice.
  • The people and events that shaped Brenda’s philosophy.


Resources Mentioned During the Webinar:


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Audience Comments
  • “AMAZING AMAZING I need more of this topic and presenter. Can’t thank you enough!” — Tonia
  • “The presenter was AMAZING! Thank you!” — Detective
  • “So many great things, some new and some are great reminders. Writing the gratitude letters and time multipliers were amazing tips.” — Bentley
  • “Helped me to take a look at how I want to live now and in the future.” — Mary
  • “It made a lot of sense and remained interesting throughout. — Michael
  • “This webinar reinforced the idea that we must live our lives with a purpose. Was done in a powerful, engaging way!” — Lisa
  • “I was having a very challenging work/personal day… this training was the last thing on my schedule and it helped me end the workday on a much better note. Thank you!” — Janie
  • “Phenomenal presentation. Wish I’d had this advice when I was in college or even grad school or beginning my career. Your genuine care for others really comes through and is inspiring. Thank you.” — Jenifer
  • “From beginning to end, this was a captivating webinar! One of the best I’ve participated in! Brenda is FANTASTIC! Please give me more of this!! Thank You!!!” — Jeremy


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