Case Management System: Using Technology Ensure a Person Based, Holistic Approach

Person-Based Case Management: Using Technology for a Holistic Approach
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded August 3, 2017
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Different agencies have different needs, thus the reason for them to maximize and improvise on their limited resources – manpower, technology, systems, and processes. While doing so works most of the time, it might not always be the most effective and efficient way of managing an organization or agency. Redundant databases, missing information, disconnected processes, lack of transparency between stakeholders, and poor collaboration and coordination are just some of the issues experienced when working with an organization that handles multiple programs, projects, and information. This session focuses on how the Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs completely reinvented their business process through a custom designed Case Management System.

George Casey of RSM, a CRM solutions provider, and Steve Gill of the Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs (WDVA) are the key speakers for this webinar. George discussed the Health and Human Services Case Management Accelerator and Steve provided the insights on the creation of a bespoke solution for the WDVA .

Topics included on this webinar are divided between the provider and the user point of view.



George provided an overview as the provider which includes:

  • A brief primer on RSM
  • The common and existing data storage and practices across agencies
  • The proposed case management system using RSM’s award-winning Health and Human Services Case Management Accelerator.
  • The E-Veterans Case Management System design and how the system was developed with purpose built, productivity, intelligence and adaptability in mind.
  • The platforms used in the comprehensive system and the different components that allow seamless integration, predictive analytics, and future-proof components.
  • A snapshot of the system, its interface and content; as well as a view of the dashboard, client view and case view of the system which is fully customizable based on the needs of each user.



Steve gave a preview of the system in use with the E-Veterans Case Management System that covers:

  • An overview of the WDVA and the programs that the agency handle catering to the Veterans of Washington State and their families.
  • The obstacles they faced working with their various programs that challenged their limited manpower, the allocation of their resources, the efficiency of their current workflow, and the data integrity of the information they handle
  • The plan that WDVA devised to find a solutions provider that can deliver the needs of their dynamic team which includes:
    • Mapping their business processes, tasks, data models and workflow
    • Discovering the similarities and differences between the processes, data collection across teams, programs and other segments of the agency
    • Listing down the requirements based on the findings and team member feedback
  • Justifying the request for budgeting to study, map, and understand the needs of the agency, and finding a solution that can serve their constituents efficiently, provide better outcomes, and save the agency resources in the long run
  • Implementing a solution that serves not only the agency internally, but also:
    • Serves our veterans
    • Provides flexibility for the external agencies that provide funding to see data, metrics and report the outcome.
  • Future plans of maximizing the technology through further innovation.
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