Performance Driven Thinking for First Responders (Part 1)

Performance Driven Thinking for First Responders (Part 1)
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-03-01
Unit 1 Presentation Materials: Performance Driven Thinking
Unit 2 Transcript: Performance Driven Thinking
Unit 3 Workbook: Performance Driven Thinking
Unit 4 Recording: Performance Driven Thinking

Have you ever wanted to achieve something but are not quite sure how to get from point A to point B? Or are you amidst achieving your goals but are now facing challenges that make it difficult to keep on going? This webinar hopes to provide guidance on building the desire and the will to accomplish your goals based on Bobby Kipper’s best-selling book, Performance Driven Thinking.

Leading the discussion is Bobby Kipper. He previously served as law enforcement for almost three decades and led the gang reduction program for the office of the Attorney General of Virginia. Bobby is currently the Executive Director and Founder of the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence and a best-selling author.

Specifics of the course include:

  • The concept of performance-driven thinking and its two critical elements of desire and will.
  • Becoming a performance-driven thinker by acknowledging that we’re all born to perform, how our education, experiences, knowledge, skills, and abilities facilitate this, establishing the end goal, and working towards it.
  • Looking back at all the points in our lives where we are actually performing and are tasked to perform.
  • The critical combination of desire and will that propel dreams and goals into reality.
  • Recognizing that performance is a personal choice and a mindset that allows us to seize opportunities.
  • An exercise that aims to unpack the webinar participants’ personal and professional goals and the steps that they’re taking for these goals to come into fruition.
  • The two types of performance-driven goals – what they are, and why one is preferred over the other.
  • The concept of entitlement, how this manifests in the workplace, and why it is not an option for performance thinkers.
  • Overcoming entitlement by understanding our own performance expectations, going beyond what is expected, resisting the tendency for entitlement, concentrating on our performance and not others’, and maximizing our knowledge skills and abilities.
  • The value of creativity in performance-driven thinking by working around the obstacles posed by circumstances and people surrounding us that keeps us from where we want to be.
  • The keys to performance-driven thinking that entails…
    • Defining what we want and our willingness to achieve it.
    • Identifying both our opposing factors and positive influences.
    • Raising our self-expectations then measuring our results.
    • Appreciating the small wins and progress and celebrating our achievements.
    • Learning from past mistakes and accepting constructive feedback.

Topics race during the Q&A were about:

  • Differentiating a mentor from a coach.
  • Employing more coaching in the law enforcement field.
  • The challenges posed by staffing issues and burnout on employee performance and how to overcome these.
  • Shifting from a punitive more blame-centered organizational culture to one that applies positive reinforcement.
  • Aligning our goals to our capabilities.
  • What practical goals look like versus playing it safe.
  • Integrating performance-driven thinking into the work culture.



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Audience Comments

  • “I liked the interaction and real-life to professional life examples.” — Hilary
  • “Just feeling the positivity and confidence from Mr. Kipper that our goals can be achieved and it may just take a different way of looking at things to make that happen.” — Mary
  • “Very interesting topic – made me get a bit more introspective … which is always a good thing! Solid and straightforward action steps to follow! Thank you!” — Steve
  • “I think the most valuable thing I took away from the webinar is I have to start stepping back from how others perform and focus more on my own performance. I cannot change the way they think they are performing, I have to step up my performance and work toward achieving my own personal goals to be a better role model for those around me.” — Shannon
  • “Thank you, Mr. Kipper, for a fabulous positive-thinking presentation, the tools you’ve taught us are important for us for personal and professional development across all spectrums, regardless of what agencies we work for. Thanks again! And kudos to the Justice Clearinghouse crew and staff for always coordinating wonderful webinar trainings and keeping us informed. I enjoy these so much!”  — Nicole
  • “I could not take notes fast enough. There is not one person that I know that does not feel like they are not doing enough, falling behind, in work and life, especially after these past two years. Mr. Kipper had a way of guiding, not pushing to our goals. Allowing yourself to fall back, and move forward at a pace that will not kill us with anxiety moving forward. Such a great webinar!” — Kathleen



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