Partner Webinar: Recognizing and Investigating Emerging Firearm Crime

Partner Webinar: Recognizing and Investigating Emerging Firearm Crime
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-04-19
Unit 1Presentation Materials: Partner Webinar: Recognizing and Investigating Emerging Firearm Crime
Unit 2Transcript: Partner Webinar: Recognizing and Investigating Emerging Firearm Crime
Unit 3Workbook: Partner Webinar: Recognizing and Investigating Emerging Firearm Crime
Unit 4Recording: Partner Webinar: Recognizing and Investigating Emerging Firearm Crime

Using trained investigators, the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN), ATF e‐Trace and multiple investigative processes, the City of Miami Police Department Crime Gun Intelligence Detail (MPD CGID) continues to analyze firearms tactics and technology utilized by cross-jurisdictional criminal networks and coordinates investigative and prosecretory efforts.

This presentation details firearm crime associated with Personally Made Firearms (PMFs) and Machinegun Conversion Devices (MCDs).  MPD CGID Detective Robert Thompson will present an overview of what these firearms and devices look like, how they function, and the current trend within the jurisdictions of South Florida.  Also discussed are “red flag” behaviors concerning PMFs and MCDs, to include what to look for and how MPD extracts intelligence from these firearms through the combination of test fire, NIBIN, and e-Trace investigations.  Additionally, Detective Thompson will discuss how this intelligence has created a targeted enforcement program designed to identify Violent Impact Players (VIPs).



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Audience Comments

  • “The instructor had a wealth of knowledge and information. This webinar was amazing would highly recommend it to others.” — Joevanny
  • “Relevant and current information is essential to understanding the cases we work on and supports successful prosecution.” — Natalie
  • “Great information! The speaker was fast and gave lots of info, but was easy to understand.” — Carrie
  • “I am a retired ATF agent- and I believe the detective did an excellent job of clearly explaining and demonstrating a topic that is extremely complex.” — Jeffrey
  • “The pictures and images that were shown may be the most valuable resource and as well as the handouts that were provided. These visuals allow me to see and be more aware of what is out there.” — Michelle
  • “AWESOME!!! This was much needed and the Presenter was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about this topic. THANKS.” — Vivian




This webinar is sponsored by Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology.  Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology is a leader in forensic analysis providing innovative and effective solutions like its unique technology: the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS®). IBIS is designed to find the “needle in the haystack” by discovering matches between pairs of spent bullets and cartridge cases at speeds well beyond human capacity. Forensic Technology helps experts obtain timely information so they can make society a safer place. By registering for this event you hereby authorize the Justice Clearinghouse to share your registration information with our sponsor organization.



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