Partner Webinar: Mental Health Crisis Response: A Case Study in Reducing Arrests and Coordinating Care

Partner Webinar: Mental Health Crisis Response: A Case Study in Reducing Arrests and Coordinating Care
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-11-17
Unit 1Presentation Materials: Mental Health Crisis Response
Unit 2Recording: Mental Health Crisis Response

Law enforcement is often placed in the position of responding to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis, whether a serious mental illness or substance use disorder. Thriving Mind South Florida, a behavioral health and substance use provider network, has partnered with local law enforcement to coordinate care for individuals in crisis. The program has led to better care and outcomes for individuals in the community and reduced the crisis response responsibilities of law enforcement.

Join John W. Newcomer, President and Chief Executive Officer at Thriving Mind, Carol Caraballo, Vice President of Behavioral Health Services at Thriving Mind, and Julie Hiett, Senior Director of Population Health at Netsmart as they provide a case study on how technology can enable effective care coordination between behavioral health providers and law enforcement. You’ll learn:

  • Evidence-based initiatives designed to help decrease arrest of individuals living with mental illness
  • Importance of measuring success and tracking outcomes in a world of value-based payment and funding
  • Technology best practices


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Audience Comments

  • “I always like to see how other departments work and I liked the way the information sharing is done in Miami… Luckily, we have a great working relationship with our Mental Health Partners. ” — Bridget
  • “I believe the program that is being used/developed in Florida is very good and would/will be extremely beneficial in getting the mental health resources to those in need, the program is not available here in my area (west coast) and we do not have any type of robust or even adequate mental health support systems here.” — Jeffrey
  • “Learning about the multiple inter-agency collaborations and the measures they take for providing continuity of care for those living with mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders. It was also helpful to hear their feedback regarding recommended best practices that they’ve learned through interventions with this population.” — David
  • “Everything was very informative! Awesome job!” — Derrick
  • “Very insightful information that is transferrable in various applications regarding the coordination of assessments among different agencies, especially.” — Lisa
  • “The incredible amount of collaboration was astounding. Great to see data providing avenues for future practices. — Nicole
  • Interesting program. Good info.” — Robert
  • “The incredible amount of work that was shared. What a great job they are doing!” — Christine
  • “Outstanding. Very well done. Fast-paced, they did not just read slides to us for an hour, that was great!!!!” — Jill
  • “With a system like this in place, school mass shootings can either be completely eliminated an/or reduced which is a an enormous benefit to the community as a whole. Thank you for all you do. I will be sharing this information with upper management here in Californian.” — Joaquin




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