Partner Webinar: Maximizing NIBIN’s Potential in the Courtroom

Partner Webinar: Maximizing NIBIN's Potential in the Courtroom
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-11-03
Unit 1Presentation Materials: Maximizing NIBIN’s Potential
Unit 2Recording: Maximizing NIBIN’s Potential

This webinar will help prosecutors and law enforcement personnel understand how best to use NIBIN evidence in a courtroom. It will cover what NIBIN is and what it isn’t. It will explain how the NIBIN process works, how it informs investigations, and how evidence derived from NIBIN can dramatically strengthen prosecutions against “the worst of the worst” in your communities.  Improving prosecutors’ and law enforcement personnel’s understanding of NIBIN will make it easier for all users to take advantage of NIBIN’s benefits and weave NIBIN deeper into the fabric of criminal prosecution to maximize its public-safety impact. Equally important, improving NIBIN’s use in court protects against court decisions that could exclude, devalue, or undermine NIBIN – which would be a serious setback to the use of forensic technology to obtain and uphold convictions that improve public safety.

Participants will also receive a toolkit they can use and distribute to others involved in prosecutions with NIBIN evidence. Among other things, this toolkit explains how to use NIBIN evidence to your benefit  at various stages of investigation and prosecution, includes reference materials, and provides model witness outlines, warrant/complaint affidavit language, demonstrative images and diagrams, and language for common courtroom presentations and pleadings.



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Audience Comments

  • “From a law enforcement standpoint, I learned what not to say in the courtroom when NIBIN has been used. Our prosecutors were not present for this webinar, but I printed off the packet to send to them.” — Aaron
  • “The most important thing that I learned is that in his opinion, all cases should be worked like a homicide. So many units, if they have a victim of an assault who wishes not to prosecute, they do nothing with the shell casings and over the years we are learning that a number of criminals are using the same firearm to commit their crimes. So, if we all would submit each shell casing into the NIBIN database, we would link so many cases which will cause the criminal to serve more than as opposed to just submitting.” — Anthony
  • “As a firearms examiner, I found the language in the lead reports useful, the handout and the potential that an examiner was unaware of the lead when confirming this for court purposes. I will be sure to share the information with my colleagues and our prosecutor’s office. — Annalisa
  • “I am a NIBIN Technician and I have been reaching out to partner agencies to make them aware of what NIBIN is and that it can be useful to them. Having a better understanding of what the Prosecution is looking for or will want to know helps me answer their questions about it. Thank you so much for providing the Toolkit and Webinar, I will be sharing them with many others!” — Brittany
  • “I have been in law enforcement for 42 years and I continue to learn more and more how NIBIN can be used. The speaker was very knowledgeable!” — Charles


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