Partner Webinar: Implementing and Supporting Your Applications in the Cloud

Partner Webinar: Implementing and Supporting Your Applications in the Cloud
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-08-11
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Numerous innovations are being offered to enhance law enforcement operations. Some agencies however may feel hesitant adapting these due to lack of familiarity – sometimes on the technology but more often the intricacies involved with the specifications of the product, the process involved in acquiring the product, and working with the tech providers. This webinar aims to unpack the nuances when it comes to implementing and supporting law enforcement applications in the cloud.

This session’s speaker is Robert “Bob” Kaelin. Bob is the Vice President of Public Safety at Mission Critical Partners and a nationally recognized expert in information systems for criminal justice organizations. He has a prolific background in the fields of government, education, and law enforcement.

Bob’s discussion includes:

  • A glimpse into the different clients Mission Critical is working with and the customized web-based cloud solutions they provide the clients with.
  • The different types of cloud services that an agency may utilize and examples, common features, inclusions, and support for each.
  • A step-by-step look into implementing cloud solutions.
    • Acquisition that involves the procurement methods available, the requirements, the decision-making process, and contract considerations.
    • Getting started by laying out the different components involved, building robust security, figuring out compatibility of the system, and agreeing upon the goals, needs, deliverables, requirements, and expectations.
    • Configuration factors like options available, data migration, ensuring everything is aligned with the business goals, and possible challenges related to these.
    • Testing to ensure it is functioning as intended, requirements are provided, and deliverables are accomplished before final acceptance.
  • The different areas of support that must be available.
    • Defining roles and responsibilities, user support through help desk, and user authorizations.
    • Network support by monitoring and routine testing of processes and security and related considerations in terms of availability of support, documentation of tests and issues, interface specifications, and providing updates.
    • Compliance factors that look into having a contract compliance monitor, monitoring performance and service levels, and providing mutual support in case of issues.
    • Considerations when it comes to terminating a partnership by facilitating a wind-down process to retrieve data, coordinate with a new vendor, or extend or renew contract.
  • The importance of having a both an implementation and operational statement of work.

Points Bob clarified in the Q&A are about:

  • Security requirements for the various providers that will be linked to the cloud.
  • The value of AI in workflow solutions.
  • The pros and cons of using multiple cloud providers.
  • How advances in technology will impact and redefine the work of IT staff.
  • Cost-efficiency of the solutions providers.
  • Ensuring CJIS compliance in the contract and potential issues that may stem from CJIS audits.


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