Partner Webinar: How Should We Train Officers for Long-Term and Fulfilling Careers?

Partner Webinar: How Should We Train Officers for Long-Term and Fulfilling Careers?
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2021-03-31
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Expectations are high when it comes to what must be done to be seen as effective or successful in this world of technology and information. The same expectations are demanded from law enforcement agencies that are doing everything within their power to keep up. This webinar provides a comprehensive discussion on the challenges the field is experiencing and how training is central to overcoming these obstacles.

Rich LeCates leads this session with his experience in public safety complemented by an established software development background that allowed him to spearhead multiple initiatives in the Clayton County Police Department in Georgia. Joining him is Johnny Roberson, a Solutions Engineer for the Vector Solutions Law Enforcement platform, who had an extensive background in law enforcement serving in different capacities and specialties.

Rich and Johnny deep-dived on:

  • The difference between a well-trained and untrained employee.
  • The push and pull in the constraints to training and the pressure to have well-trained officers.
  • The importance of training: What an officer will default to without training, different training opportunities to include, and what adequate training communicates to the staff and the community.
  • The recommended approach when it comes to interactions between the public and law enforcement guaranteed to make a huge impact in terms of outcomes.
  • The skewed definition of success ingrained upon officers and how to change this view by considering the definition of success for other segments of the community.
  • A look into the citizen-officer ratio that demonstrates how undermanned public safety agencies are.
  • The concept of predictive policing and community engagement that aims to prevent criminal activity from transpiring and not just apprehend criminals by building relationships and trust with the citizens.
  • The systemic challenges that the public safety sector is experiencing that contribute to the lack of manpower and inability to prevent crimes.
    • The stagnated benefits of compensation leading officers to rush advancement from one rank to the next or leaving the profession.
    • The attrition caused by insufficient compensation, lack of personal development, and the exodus of officers that have been mass-recruited in the 90s.
    • The loss of experience that comes with the attrition forcing agencies to fill out the vacancies with individuals who do not have the qualifications or training necessary.
    • The dwindling number of applicants to replenish the positions that were vacated.
  • A glimpse into the features and capabilities of Vector Solutions’ training management platform that hopes to address the challenges and areas for improvement for law enforcement.
  • Understanding how the lack of training adversely impacts the field with on-duty deaths, mental distress, use of force incidents, shortage of candidates, and lowering standards for the profession.
  • Unpacking the different aspects that create or motivate criminal behavior.
  • The fact that deputies and officers need support and must be provided the appropriate training to help them navigate the different aspects of life in the law enforcement arena.

Webinar participants had questions about:

  • Training officers and deputies to intervene in situations where someone with more experience may not necessarily be responding appropriately.
  • The value of earning a degree versus trainings, workshops, and other online learning resources.
  • Measuring success in less concrete concepts like implicit bias.



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Audience Comments

  • “His philosophy on policing/training/Moneyball are all right on target with what is happening and where we are headed. ” — Alan
  • “Great webinar, and a great speaker!” — Alanna
  • “Rich’s reasonable and insightful analysis is exactly what’s missing from the national conversation on police reform.” — Andrew
  • “There was A lot of beneficial information. The last portion was spot on and I appreciated that information provided.” — Dawn
  • “Many things to take away from this but the following really resonated with me. “If we’re failing to train then we’re training to fail” and “don’t think about how much will if cost to train, think about what it will cost not to.” Excellent webinar. Thank you!” — Joshua



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