Partner Webinar: Capturing the Truth: How 3D Technology Can Help Your Agency Manage Officer-Involved Incidents

Partner Webinar: Capturing the Truth: How 3D Technology Can Help Your Agency Manage Officer-Involved Incidents
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2021-02-24
Unit 1Recording: Capturing the Truth
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Technology changes the course of our lives. On one end, it improves how we do things, on the other, it presents new challenges trying to acclimate to it and integrate it into our routines. In the field of policing, finding technology that enhances law enforcement capability and productivity that provides the community with a sense of security and transparency would be a win-win. 3D technology seems to have ticked all the boxes providing the best that stakeholders are looking for.

Providing an overview of FARO’s 3D technology are Noreen Charlton and Bryon O’Neil. Noreen served as a Crime Scene Analyst with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for more than a decade, responding to numerous scenes, including the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting investigation. Meanwhile, Bryon is a deputy in the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office who specializes in traffic crashes and criminal reconstruction using 3D technology. He is also the president of the International Association of Forensic & Security Metrology (IAFSM).

Topics covered on this webinar include:

  • The FARO products that provide the 3D capability to law enforcement focusing on the FARO Focus Scanner and its power and capabilities.
  • The benefits of 3D laser scanning to the public safety arena through:
    • A 3D representation of the scene and foundation for virtual storytelling useful in court proceedings.
    • Accurate and reliable diagrams that supplement evidence collection and documentation.
    • Complete forensic analysis at a fraction of the time and legwork required compared to traditional methods.
    • Compelling presentation allowing people to more accurately visualize how an incident unfolds espousing transparency in law enforcement.
  • Samples of the output generated using FARO’s 3D laser scanner.
  • A case study demonstrating how 3D technology is used in the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office for an officer-involved shooting case.
    • A rundown of the timeline and facts surrounding the case.
    • Dashcam footage of the police pursuit and gunshots exchanged.
    • The procedure for reconstructing the scene, looking at:
      • The settings used for scanning and the scanning process.
      • The timings for conducting the scan, registration, and putting together the deliverables.
      • The different types of registration done to put the scans altogether.
      • Adding important elements into the reconstructed scene to provide better context.
    • The deliverables using FARO technology presented to the jury to provide transparency on the officer-involved shooting incident.

Questions from the audience were about:

  • The best time to scan the scene.
  • The learning curve required to familiarize with the technology.
  • Recommended resolution and quality setting and how these impact the timings.
  • Scanning evidence in the scene such as shell casings and bullets.
  • Grant funding to acquire 3D technology equipment and software.
  • The number of points and measurements collected in each scan.
  • Response from juries and the judicial system.
  • The computer specification needed to run the 3D technology.
  • How extreme weather may interfere with the scanner’s performance.



A Partner Webinar is a sponsored webinar with an organization that provides products or services to the criminal justice industry. 


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Audience Comments

  • “I work for the Adult Parole Authority. We supervise adult felony offenders in Ohio. Our burden of proof at a Violation Hearing is a preponderance of the evidence. Body cameras from responding officers are very helpful to us. This new technology would be even better.” — Christina
  • “The ability to manipulate the data and produce a 3-D presentation for the court is impressive.” — Christopher
  • “The software picks up glass fragments and bullets. That is awesome!!” — Christina
  • “This technology seems like a force multiplier.” — Felecia
  • “The amount of detail and the advanced technology used in solving these crimes is fascinating.” — Margaret
  • “Loved the detailed case example!” — Matthew
  • “The video segment chasing the suspect wow that was awesome!! And nice to learn how the laser scanner works, is amazing! It brings us right to the crime scene; I love both Bryon and Noreen’s presentations! It’s nice to know there’s great 3-D technology! ONE OF THE BEST WEBINARS I’VE EVER WATCHED, THANKS JUSTICE CLEARINGHOUSE!” 🙂 — Nicole


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