Partner Webinar: Capturing the Truth: How 3D Technology Can Help Your Agency Manage Officer-Involved Incidents

Partner Webinar: Capturing the Truth: How 3D Technology Can Help Your Agency Manage Officer-Involved Incidents
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2021-02-24
Unit 1 Recording: Capturing the Truth

Officer-involved incidents can cause tension between police and local communities. They can affect law enforcement agencies large and small, and serious incidents – if not properly addressed – can lead to national, or even international scrutiny. That’s why it’s critical for organizations to capture accurate, transparent data from the start. Join this session to learn about the latest tools and 3D technology for investigations and a focus on officer-involved incidents.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Why having the right tools helps establish the facts of an incident quickly, accurately, and transparently
  • After-incident 3D data capture solutions can help dispel any rumors or inaccuracies, helping to reduce any tension between law enforcement and the community.
  • 3D technology can help determine if any laws were broken or rights violated to maintain accountability.
  • A use-case showing how laser scanners and forensic software were used to document and analyze an officer-involved scene in 3D


A Partner Webinar is a sponsored webinar with an organization that provides products or services to the criminal justice industry. 


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Audience Comments

  • “I work for the Adult Parole Authority. We supervise adult felony offenders in Ohio. Our burden of proof at a Violation Hearing is a preponderance of the evidence. Body cameras from responding officers are very helpful to us. This new technology would be even better.” — Christina
  • “The ability to manipulate the data and produce a 3-D presentation for the court is impressive.” — Christopher
  • “The software picks up glass fragments and bullets. That is awesome!!” — Christina
  • “This technology seems like a force multiplier.” — Felecia
  • “The amount of detail and the advanced technology used in solving these crimes is fascinating.” — Margaret
  • “Loved the detailed case example!” — Matthew
  • “The video segment chasing the suspect wow that was awesome!! And nice to learn how the laser scanner works, is amazing! It brings us right to the crime scene; I love both Bryon and Noreen’s presentations! It’s nice to know there’s great 3-D technology! ONE OF THE BEST WEBINARS I’VE EVER WATCHED, THANKS JUSTICE CLEARINGHOUSE!” 🙂 — Nicole


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