Partner Webinar: Becoming a First Line Supervisor: Characteristics, Training and Challenges

Partner Webinar: Becoming a First Line Supervisor: Characteristics, Training and Challenges
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2021-06-09
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The first step is always the hardest. It also often is a step outside one’s comfort zone. For law enforcement officers recently promoted to a front-line supervisor, this is certainly the case. This webinar aims to provide guidance based on real-life experience in the role and the profession so newly promoted front-line supervisors thrive in their careers.

This session’s instructor is Dr. Damon Ing, Lead Coordinator of the Tarrant County College Law Enforcement Academy located at the Public Safety Training Center in Fort Worth, Texas. He’s retired from a prolific 20-year law enforcement career and has since been teaching in police academies in the region for more than a decade in diverse topics.

Specifics discussed in this course include:

  • A study conducted by the National Institute of Justice providing a snapshot of the characteristics of law enforcement supervisors that highlight the disparity between their supervision/management/leadership training and their actual knowledge of the concepts.
  • The characteristics of newly selected law enforcement front-line supervisors that focus on:
    • The lack of training and preparation for their new role.
    • Issues surrounding conflict management and addressing discipline.
    • Communication, listening and public speaking skills, and encouraging subordinates to express opinions that allow them to lead and engage with subordinates better.
    • Ability to perform tasks to be effective in overseeing and guiding subordinates who are performing the same tasks, and also boost team morale.
    • Journaling as an aid to digest, organize and remember new information.
    • Ability to trust subordinates and empower them with decision-making.
  • Coming up with a personal brand of supervision that integrates the styles of leaders that had a positive influence on yours and your own experiences and principles.
  • Common issues that emerge in the first year of promotion that involve:
    • Time management and learning to delegate tasks.
    • Establishing your non-negotiables, managing subordinates’ expectations, and establishing accountability.
    • Separating from the line officers, setting professional boundaries, and acclimating to the new role that entails supervising friends and people with more seniority.
    • Handling problem employees and exercising swift discipline buttressed by transparency and fairness.
    • Upholding and modeling integrity in your actions and policy implementation.
    • Providing counseling for development to subordinate that requires support in their goals and involvement on what they value in life.
    • Conducting accurate performance evaluations.
  • Top tips to make the supervisory experience fruitful by:
    • Seizing formal and informal education opportunities through schooling, professional training, accessing professional and personal growth content, and adopting a lifelong learner attitude.
    • Preparing a leadership portfolio highlighting your competencies that you can easily refer to and provide should it be needed for career advancement or other professional opportunities.

Questions raised by the webinar participants are about:

  • Determining one’s preferred career trajectory and readiness for promotion.
  • Accommodating and extending assistance to a team member struggling from chronic health conditions.
  • How to empower subordinates when the policy requires notifying supervisors with decisions for accountability.
  • How to best deal with a subordinate who refuses to work with you and believes that they deserved the promotion more than you do.


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Audience Comments

  • “Real-world and specific examples. Great speaker. Thank you — Alejandro
  • “Everything was valuable information regarding leadership, whether new or old supervisors. Thanks for the great topic!” — Alexander
  • “I absolutely loved this webinar. I was a supervisor at my previous agency for five years and I am looking to promote at my new agency within the next year. I wish I had this information for my first promotion and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to sit through this course today. All of the topics that were discussed were incredibly accurate and completely useful information was provided. Thank you very much for this class. Have a great day and stay safe!” — Brandi
  • “Enjoyed Dr. Ing’s insight from his personal experience as a front-line supervisor and how he adapted with his squad. Dr. Ing brought a personal touch with the squad that would uplift any member of his unit.” — Carlos
  • “Really enjoyed the point about dealing with difficult subordinates. I am not yet a supervisor of salaried officers but do manage a team of volunteers who can be difficult at times.” — Shawna
  • “How to handle people that are now subordinates because of your new promotion. All the scenarios and situations Dr. Ing talked about were so applicable and helpful.” — Stephen
  • “I really liked the Q and A portion. It allowed the speaker to give examples of how “real life” or “current” situations can be handled.” — CHARLES





A Partner Webinar is a sponsored webinar with an organization that provides products or services to the criminal justice industry. 



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