Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
Resiliency and the Dynamic of Restoration Course Course, Law Enforcement, Leadership, NSA Certified, Wellness Ray Nash 04/25/2018
Responding to a Recruiting Crisis: Using Innovative Tactics to Transform Your Recruiting Practices Course Career and Recruiting, Course, Law Enforcement Nicholas Augustine 03/26/2020
Restorative Justice & Victim Offender Dialogue Course Course, Court, Juvenile Justice, Probation, Prosecutor, Victim Advocacy Vicki Assegued 01/21/2019
Restorative Justice Intervention Program: a Case Study Course Course, IALEP - Planning, Juvenile Justice Cassie Johnson 09/05/2018
Retail Sale of Pets: What Investigative Agencies Need to Know Course Animal Abuse, Course, NACA, NACA Certified, NSA Certified Adam Leath 08/15/2019
Rethinking the Active Assailant Response Course Course Paul Nelson 05/06/2015
Rich Martin Subject Matter Expert 02/18/2019
Rich Myers Subject Matter Expert 05/10/2019
Richard Goldberg Subject Matter Expert 02/25/2020
Richard Samuels Subject Matter Expert 03/06/2019