Owning Your Life’s Journey: Lessons for Criminal Justice Professionals

Owning Your Life’s Journey: Lessons for Criminal Justice Professionals
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2022-07-14
Unit 1Presentation Materials: Owning Your Life’s Journey
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If you lost one parent after another just after graduating from highschool, how do you think your life would’ve turn out to be? Would you have dwelled in your fate or would you carve out your own destiny? Michael Levin shares how he paved his life’s journey following his parents’ death and the lessons gleaned from his life which brought him to where he is today.

Michael Levin is the President and CEO of Custom Solutions, best-selling author of books Let Them See You Sweat and Sitting on the Same Side of the Table: The Art of Collaborative Selling, and has launched numerous companies turning them into multi-million dollar entities.

Points covered in this discussion include:

  • Michael’s story, the challenges he faced, the people who helped him, and the lesson he learned through the ordeal.
  • Our tendency to miss things that are right in front of us.
  • The importance of not letting ourselves become victims and how going into victim mode influences our outcomes as well as others’.
  • Taking ownership of our destiny, creating our own reality, and not just letting life happen to us.
  • How paying it forward impacts our journey as well as others, its purpose, and its outcomes.
  • The value of committing to our goals and taking action instead of ruminating on the shoula-woulda-coulda.
  • Establishing our vision by writing it down, sharing it to others, creating goals towards the vision, and the characteristics that our goals should have.
  • Practicing patience and perseverance towards our goals and sticking to it even it the rewards are not immediate.
  • Taking the time to recognize our wins, as well as others’, and not letting problems and mistakes overshadow these.
  • Building relationships and networking proactively with the objective of being of service for others and finding others who can likewise contribute to and help us in our journey.
  • How staying within our comfort zone and being resistant to change keeps us from seizing opportunities and how flexibility exposes us to more unexpected and possibly wonderful prospects.
  • Looking at vulnerability as a strength instead of weakness and how showing vulnerability serves as a force multiplier as it allows people to have our back when we need it.
  • Anecdotes from Michael’s prolific career and business experience were sprinkled throughout the presentation demonstrating these concepts and how they manifest in the real world.

Topics raised during the Q&A segment were about:

  • The balance between not going into victim mode while recognizing the real trauma that we can be subjected into.
  • Acknowledging the role of luck in our lives and outcomes.
  • Making the choice to show vulnerability to the people around us.
  • Managing competing demands from the different facets of our lives.
  • Integrating feedback into decision-making instead of unguided perseverance.
  • How flexibility and openness to ideas can result to analysis paralysis.


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Resources and Handouts
  • Email yuliana@michaeljlevin.com to receive copies of Michael’s books, Let Them See You Sweat, The Road to Success (with Jack Canfield), and The Art of Collaborative Selling.
  • Book Referenced: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson


Audience Comments

  • “I appreciated the different life experience perspectives.” — Michelle
  • “Michael is a great speaker and I really enjoyed this webinar!” — Melissa
  • “The “pay it forward” part really hit…maybe it is just the day I am having, but my cup was filled.” — Natalie
  • “This is the type of webinar that I need more of. Encouragement to keep going forward regardless of what has happened to me. Thank you!” — Michelle
  • “Michael was very inspiring. He said this was his first time doing this presentation, but you couldn’t tell. I think many people would benefit from hearing his story and his lessons.” — Ashtyn
  • “Great overview of life lessons to help make the struggles much more manageable. Wonderful content and bringing back to light the little things that can make a big impact on one’s life.” — Karil
  • “I enjoyed how Michael was very open about his story and the way he provided step-by-step guidance on what to do to help each of us own our life journey.” — Larissa
  • “This was an AMAZING presentation by Mike Levin, keynote and motivational speaker. Wow, he is so transparent; his 10 lessons in life are so valuable; I took pages of notes! 🙂 He made my day and uplifted my spirits. I agree that networking is good and celebrating the wins is important, followed with hugs (I love hugs!), and I’m a big fan of Michael and Jack Canfield (I own many Chicken Soup for the Soul books, btw! 🙂 I will reach out to Yuliana to request a workshop and e-copies of Michael’s books! TYSM!” — Nicole



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