Overcoming Burnout: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Your Career and Life Again

Overcoming Burnout: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Your Career and Life Again
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2024-01-23
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Given the demands and pressure of the criminal justice profession, burnout just seems somewhat inevitable. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case as Marc Hildebrand joins the Justice Clearinghouse to explore strategies to combat, mitigate, or prevent burnout from happening.

Marc is a former Law Enforcement Officer from the Los Angeles Police Department. He struggled with juggling his career, family, and health. But upon making changes in his life, he got into the best shape of his life at 45 years old and is now helping others attain the same holistic success in health, career, and relationships without burning out.

Marc’s discussion covered:

  • What burnout is, the areas of life it affects, and the symptoms that manifest due to burnout.
  • The importance of mindset in combatting burnout and how it is critical to establish mindset first to effectively implement tactics for overcoming burnout.
  • Questions to reflect on to have the mindset foundational to combatting and preventing burnout.
  • Seven tactics to choose one at a time from to implement and master.
    • Self-care that involves activities that recharge and rejuvenate, how it allows us to show up at our best, and how it benefits others as we model this behavior.
    • Setting boundaries which entails assigning specific hours for work, family, and personal activities, which ensures us to go all in on whatever task is at hand.
    • Staying connected to purpose that helps counteract burnout by finding deeper meaning behind our work and the impact it is making.
    • Changing things up by trying new things, learning new skills, or taking on a new role to bring excitement and motivation to positively influence various aspects our lives.
    • Finding social support from friends, family, mentors, coaches, and even groups who can provide perspective, have difficult conversations with, and offer help and guidance so we’re not tackling things alone.
    • Being proactive to solve problems in advance before and have a plan in place before things get too bad.
    • Seeking professional help to get guidance to get through a full burnout.
  • Questions to reflect on are provided to establish the mindset required to successfully implement each strategy.

Topics raised during the Q&A are about:

  • Preventing burnout in high-workload scenarios.
  • Regaining purpose after a demotion.
  • Avoiding multitasking and doing intentional, focused work as a 911 dispatcher.
  • Overcoming challenges with implementing self-care for a victim advocate.
  • Managing work-related stress that is impacting family dynamics.


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Audience Comments

  • “This Subject was very interesting and I found that many of my colleagues and friends would benefit from this Presentation. The Presenter was very Good and showed that he is not only knowledgeable but Passionate about this topic. I would recommend this to anyone who is in the Job Field or Professional Field.”
  • “Mark was a wonderful presenter! Very clear to understand and follow !!!! :)”
  • “I really liked how each of the suggestions were real things we can do, that are free and don’t cost anything but a little planning ahead.”
  • “Mr. Hildebrand was a great speaker! I enjoyed his presentation very much! Thank you!”
  • “Great webinar. Lot’s of useful information that I plan to apply to my work and home life. Thank you, Marc!”
  • “These kinds of presentations are exactly what the law enforcement community needs. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to offer some solutions to burnout and mental health issues.”
  • “This is a topic and speaker that should be featured once a month or every two months. As a professional, I experienced major burnout after ten years in my position as a probation officer. It had profound effects on my professional and personal life at the time. Every point that Marc made was almost as if I was looking into a crystal ball of my past self. While I will continue to follow his channel on YouTube. I’ve also recognized that there are other positive implications of the topic of burnout.”
  • “This was one of the best webinars that I have attended. Keep up the great work!”
  • “This webinar was much needed to kick off a new calendar year. I suggest that at least one more session be added for the month of January and even maybe mid-year sessions, because the information is critical to the overall health and well-being in all facets of Criminal Justice. The knowledge, high energy, passion, and compassion exhibited by the presenter were AWESOME!!! THANK YOU.”
  • “Amazing presentation. Great to hear from those who can work on themselves and share their stories.”
  • “Excellent presenter and presentation. Thanks for opening the chat as well!”
  • “Such a great webinar. Very inspiring and will definitely use all the suggestions Marc provided.”
  • “I loved this webinar. I am in the active burnout stage or teetering right on that edge so this webinar was very helpful for me. Thank you, Marc and your whole team.”
  • “Marc does a great job of providing a number of concepts and bringing real-life experiences to them so that we can all learn and see how they relate to our lives. Very good energy and an excellent motivator.”



This webinar has been pre-approved by the Maine Animal Welfare Program for 1 Continuing Education Unit in Core 4 (Officer Wellness & Mental Health Awareness) for the State of Maine’s ACO annual training. You can find more information about Certification, required annual training or submitting materials for credit at Maine’s Animal Control Officer Resource Page.




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