Outside Yourself: Making the Most of Mental Health Resources

Outside Yourself: Making the Most of Mental Health Resources
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2021-01-19
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In discussions that relate to mental health, self-care, and wellness, one of the points that is stressed time and again is to reach out to resources proactively and when needed. This session is designed to parse out some of the available resources that we can reach out to in times that we’re overwhelmed, in crisis, or are in imminent danger.

Here to provide a detailed discussion on these resources is one of Justice Clearinghouse’s beloved presenters, Amy Morgan. Amy is the Founder and Director of Academy Hour that provides an array of training courses catered particularly to responders’ mental health competencies and well-being.

Specifics of this course include:

  • The need for individuals to have access to mental health and wellness resources, and the stigma and anxiety that comes with accessing these.
  • What crisis lines are – the nature of the service, the training of the call takers, the service that they can provide, and examples of the most recognized crisis lines for public safety professionals.
  • Call listening clips that provide a sample of what calling a crisis line looks, feels, and sounds like, to manage callers’ expectations.
  • Guidelines when trying to find local resources that consider one’s needs and concerns and the resource’s limitation.
  • Tips on how to find the “right” counselor and the value of building rapport with a counselor even before a crisis.
  • Fostering a relationship with a counselor that can make all the difference when faced with difficulties.
  • What happens in support groups and how to find and join them.
  • Encouragement from other individuals who have gone through the same struggles and creating accountability in one’s goal to overcome challenges and stick with it through support groups.
  • Peer support that allows individuals to have someone to talk to who understands exactly the experience and challenges they’re facing and connects individuals with professional resources.
  • The different facilities that patients may access to get the appropriate help needed from acute care, detox, to residential treatment and transitional housing.
  • The different approaches, specialties, and purposes of the various treatment facilities to provide exactly what the patient needs.
  • Other resources that can offer a listening ear, educate, connect with proper resources, and provide immediate response for individuals who need assistance and encouragement as they go through some rough times in life.
  • The value in knowing all the available resources in advance and creating some form of safety plan should a crisis come up.

Questions from the audience were about:

  • Academy Hour’s new resource provider vetting service.
  • The sector that Copline provides support for.
  • How counselors and therapists take it when their clients switch providers.
  • Why confidentiality concerns shouldn’t hinder employees from maximizing EAPs.
  • Resources for veterans in crisis and their families.
  • Reaching out to church counselors.
  • Considerations when looking for counselors for children.
  • The value of post-critical incident seminars to responder wellness.
  • Dealing with stories being shared in support groups that don’t uplift and instead create vicarious trauma.


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Audience Comments

  • “Different types of help (over the phone, hospital, home arrangements/placements for temp or long term care, etc). Loved how they called multiple hotlines to see what to expect, added a realness aspect to it.” — Alanna
  • “I was surprised by the number of resources for first responders that are available; both good and lacking. Mental Health is such a taboo topic but being able to speak about it frankly and in such a supportive environment with a subject matter expert like Amy kept it interesting and engaging.” — Anne
  • “The presentation was excellent. I look forward to implementing the great resources I acquired.” — Asia
  • “How many employees in the criminal justice field are recipients of therapy themselves because I think a lot of us forget how our jobs can sometimes have effects on our personal mental health — and it’s so important that we take care of ourselves just as much as we strive to help others.” — Brandy
  • “I am glad to learn of the “211” system. I am part of a support group for Corrections and will share this information with our Coordinator. It was a great session- thank you very much. — Denise
  • “There are a lot more resources out there than I thought.” — JoAnn
  • “This was a great Webinar with plenty of valuable information. Thank you Amy and Aaron for putting this together. Keep up the great work.” — Joshua
  • “I really enjoyed all of the resources that were provided and the couple example videos. They really shed light on how each experience could completely change the outcome of someone’s life. As an Officer who admittedly suffers from PTSD which has been correlated with a TBI like to get and utilize all of the training and resources I can to deal with my own daily struggles. I feel this training though brief was a helpful one. I would like to see a more in-depth and longer version of this same topic.” — Russell


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