Out-of-the-Box ideas for Community Engagement

Out-of-the-Box ideas for Community Engagement
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2024-01-30
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In an era where law enforcement faces heightened scrutiny, fostering trust within the community has become critically important. Such conditions require approaches beyond traditional engagement methods that may no longer resonate with the public. This panel discussion presents how different jurisdictions fostered community engagement through out-of-the-box approaches.

The panel consists of:

  • Police Officer Alex Saragusa, LGBTQ Liaison, Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
  • Sergeant Jake Becchina, Media Relations Unit, Kansas City Missouri Police Department
  • Detective Mindy Earle, Homeland Security
  • Kate Kimble, Public Information Director, Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado
  • Sarah Boyd, Public Relations Manager for the Clay County, Missouri, Sheriff’s Office

Points discussed in this webinar include:

  • How community engagement boosts police legitimacy and cooperation, fosters partnerships, and facilitates crime prevention.
  • How staff buy-in is crucial for successful community engagement, necessitating leadership support, voluntary participation, and incentives for involvement.
  • Traditional community engagement activities that are proven to work and ideas to level these up for maximum effectiveness.
  • Innovative approaches involving engaging in existing community events that offer simple, cost-effective ways to foster positive interactions.
  • Quick, low-cost engagement ideas that effectively build positive law enforcement perceptions.
  • Special initiatives that can be done to facilitate community education, connection, and support diverse community needs.
  • Fort Collins’ Community Trust Initiative to build trust among immigrant communities, focusing on non-inquisitive policing practices, Spanish outreach, and creating safe spaces for dialogue.
  • Kansas City Regional Fusion Center’s effort to address anti-LGBTQIA violence through partnerships with the LGBTQIA community, providing proactive training and establishing a stronger, protective relationship.
  • A Jail book and puzzle drive in Kansas City that significantly improved inmate safety and morale, showcasing community support through massive book and puzzle donations.
  • How effective community engagement is done through targeted efforts towards the most vulnerable, maintaining consistency of engagement, securing in-agency buy-in, and leveraging partnerships for reduced financial investment.
  • Ideas to maximize engagement in pop-up events.


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Audience Comments

  • “Great information! I especially liked the idea of joining the Home Depot events for children, it provides an excellent opportunity to let children see that police are people too. Also piggy baking on the shred events to get scam information out. Thank you!”
  • “Great presenters with great ideas and a passion for their communities.”
  • “This was a fantastic presentation! Lots of great ideas on how to ensure policies and events are culturally competent and accessible!”
  • “Great presenter with creative community engagement activities. Thanks for sharing.”
  • “Very good presentation. Enjoyed the Hispanic Outreach ideas.”
  • “Fantastic info.”
  • “A lot of good topics and suggestions we can build upon!”
  • “That was Great information presented on today and all the ideas. Thanks.”
  • “This was a great webinar. There were so many examples and takeaways that can be applied to my agency. I look forward to future webinars.:



This webinar has been pre-approved by the Maine Animal Welfare Program for 1 Continuing Education Unit for the State of Maine’s ACO annual training. You can find more information about Certification, required annual training or submitting materials for credit at Maine’s Animal Control Officer Resource Page.



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