Online Course: Understanding Trauma and Trauma Informed Responses

Trauma-Informed Work is providing service with the understanding that the client/witness/victim with whom you are working probably has been exposed to a traumatic event. Knowing this, we strive to provide service and support in such a way as to not trigger, become part of, or create a new traumatic event. Traumatic events have an impact on the victim’s brain development, emotional regulation capacity, and behavior. Having the ability to identify an individual with the effects of trauma better enables us to work effectively with them, and more effectively encourage compliance.

During this online course, we will create a foundation of understanding by discussing the types of trauma and violence, defining what trauma and traumatic response is, as well as understanding trauma-informed care. We’ll explore the latest brain science for an understanding of how the brain responds to and is altered by trauma. We’ll also delve into some categories you have likely heard about, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Intergenerational Trauma, Secondary Trauma, Vicarious Trauma, and Post-Traumatic Growth. Finally, we’ll explore the core concepts in post-traumatic responses, including those in children, and how we can develop self-care routines and resiliency in ourselves to sustain ourselves as we work with others experiencing traumatic events.


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