Online Course: Social Media and The Modern Communicator

The world as we know it is digital first — social media profiles, digital audiences, and online engagement aren’t just a nice to have — they are now a necessity. How and why agencies devote time and resources to this effort is important, as stories, connections, and conversations often arise first and foremost in a digital space.

This online course is designed to help attendees hone and advance their skills around digital communication strategy, from best practices to crisis communications and customer service.

First, we will look at the social media platforms and how each has its own advantages when it comes to connection and engagement. Then, we will shift to seeing how messaging and conversations on those platforms can resonate with audiences, and how that in turn provides agencies with critical components for staying in the driver’s seat of information. We will wrap up the course by exploring how misinformation has impacted social media messaging, and also working to ensure that those who monitor and run social media channels for agencies know how to also take care of themselves when the platforms can become overwhelming.



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