Online Course: Purposeful, Authentic Leadership

During this time of turbulence and change in our profession, more and more employees are being promoted to roles of leadership. But most of us – as many as 59% of us – have never received manager-specific training. Great management and leadership is about more than policies, general orders and procedure manuals. Today’s employees and organizations need more — perhaps more than what was ever expected of previous generations.

While salary and benefits are always important, today’s employees need empathetic leaders who can understand the challenges and traumas they face on the job. They want to feel empowered, challenged and fulfilled – and yet, 64% of our employees are disengaged. They want a connected relationship with their managers – people who are trustworthy, competent and can create healthy, thriving cultures. Sounds like a lot? It can be – but with the right leadership development, entirely doable.

Authentic leadership is brave-at times difficult, but always rewarding. It is a unique and caring person who makes the decision to continuously develop their skills and be the leader that is needed in today’s world.

In this course, you will find lessons that our instructor, Brenda Dietzman has learned throughout her career as well as the wisdom of so many others. The content and stories will help you develop the skills needed to lead in a more intentional and forward-thinking way.

Whether you’re a first-time supervisor, a new project manager or a current leader who never received a lot of training or coaching on how to be a leader… This course is for you.


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