Online Course: Jekyll and Hyde – Managing the Narcissistic, Coercive and Controlling Domestic Violence Offender

All too many times, Criminal Justice professionals hear from friends, co-workers, and community members that a domestic violence suspect/offender couldn’t possibly be guilty of the crime of domestic violence… He’s too charming. A devoted family man. A pillar of the community. So polite with Law Enforcement. Deferential to authority.

And that is what makes these offenders so dangerous. They are the epitome of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: publicly charming and conciliatory, but a very different person exists behind closed doors.

Many Interpersonal Violence (IPV) offenders have perfected their coercion and manipulative tactics, avoiding the obvious signs of outward aggression and violence in order to control their victims. The Jekyll and Hyde DV offender uses emotion, attitudes and tactics that simultaneously can seem like a kind gesture to bystanders, oftentimes isn’t illegal, but in subtle ways lets the target/victim know “I’m still in control. I know where you are. I know how to get to you … and there is nothing you can do about it.”

And the tactics work: they leave the victim feeling isolated, helpless, misunderstood, and like they are going crazy.

This course presents the foundational concepts first responders, law enforcement, community corrections and victim advocates need to understand about the Jekyll and Hyde personality. The course discusses key tactics that these offenders often use against their partners, as well as how to confront and challenge these behaviors to increase offender accountability and victim safety.


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