Online Course: Introduction to the Inductive Interview System

Built on the foundation of time-tested interviewing principles, the Inductive Interview System brings a fresh approach to interviewing that is innovative, unique, and highly effective. Non-coercive and non-linear, the system can be easily applied by any officer who has to gather information and determine the credibility of sources.

In the justice sector, “Every Contact Is an Interview.” So, Patrol Officers, Investigators, Animal Control Officers, Accident Reconstruction Teams, Criminal Interdiction Units, School Resource Officers, Probation Officers, Correctional and Detention Officers, Prosecutors, Intake Officials, Victim Advocates, Mental Health Professionals (and even parents!) will benefit from this online course.

Overly coercive interviewing techniques and clever psychological tactics are proven to produce false confessions, alienate juries, and cause the dreaded “shut down.” The Inductive Interview (IN2) System is designed to produce credible results and reliable confessions by creating an environment conducive to full disclosure of the truth, overcoming reluctance to disclosure of evidence, and exposing attempts at deception or suppression. The distinctive “non-linear” approach is superior to traditional interviewing systems in many respects including an enhanced flexibility that follows the natural flow of actual interviews instead of imposing a restrictive and unrealistic “flow chart” pattern.


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