Online Course: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Criminal Justice professionals regularly encounter people who are on the verge of change.

  • A probationer who knows they have to kick their drug habit in order to comply with the terms of their sentence
  •  A domestic violence survivor who knows “next time” she might not live through the altercation, but is afraid to flee
  • A suicidal civilian who just wants the pain of their lives to stop – but doesn’t know how to take the next step to get help
  • A new hire who is great in so many ways but needs to work on a few key skills to be the employee you know they can be

Every day you engage with people who make choices (or hesitate to make choices) that will lead to change that will theoretically improve their situation. Change can be exciting (having a baby or getting married) and simultaneously equally scary (getting an operation). It can be necessary, even lifesaving or career-altering and yet, as human beings we still hesitate in taking the next critical step.

So how do you get people to change or get them to do what you know they need to do?

You don’t.

You help them talk themselves into the change, using a time-tested, research-backed process called Motivational Interviewing.

In this information-rich, densely packed course, our instructor Denise Beagley will break down Motivational Interviewing into its simplest, most basic components that will allow you to use and apply them on the job immediately, and help your probationers, parolees, clients, employees, community citizens, or even your family make the changes they need most.


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