Online Course: Intergenerational Trauma – Understanding the Scope, Impact and Supporting Survivors

When we think of Intergenerational Trauma, we often think of major historical events that affect a specific segment of the population. However, Intergenerational Trauma is more than that and includes violent acts that happen within a family, passed down as learned behavior from generation to generation. When looked at in this light, Intergenerational Trauma can have a tremendous reach and effect throughout the communities and victims we serve.

This course expands the stereotypical image to include a wide scope of traumatic activity that affects the development, genetics, and environment of individuals, passed on historically, culturally, and through socialization and patterning.

Join us for this online course as Duane Bowers presents how the environment may foster and sustain trauma from generation to generation through culture, socializing and complicity within the family structure. He will discuss options to encourage change within the family culture, and for the individuals within that culture.


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