Online Course: Everyday Ethics: Developing and Maintaining Individual and Agency Ethics

As a professional in criminal justice, we are used to the “letter of the law”: things are legal, or they are illegal. They’re right, or they’re wrong.

But just like life, sometimes things fall into “grey areas.” And that’s the realm of ethics. Ethics goes beyond the black letter law, and helps us to set a standard of how we ought to be, how we should strive to perform in our personal and professional lives.

While ethics can feel like a huge ever confusing topic, it doesn’t have to be – especially when you have a framework to help you in your decision making process.

This course is specifically designed to examine ethical behavior in public safety and criminal justice organizations. We will examine what ethics means and various ways ethics is thought of and used in everyday life, with particular focus on the situations criminal justice professionals find themselves in. We will examine ethical responsiveness (or lack thereof) and ethical approaches in public safety issues. We will also look at organizational responsibility, accountability, and liability. We examine personal accountability, responsibility, obligation, and duty. Finally, we’ll explore how we develop and maintain both individual and organizational ethics.

If you have ever looked at or experienced a situation where you felt there were a lot of “shades of grey” in the decision-making process… then this course is for you.


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