Online Course: Effective Crisis Leadership

Whether an active shooter event, a raging wildfire, or a hurricane involving multiple states, responding to crisis is an inevitable part of law enforcement, first responders and public safety’s duties.

Crises, disasters, or other emergency events are challenging and often ever-evolving situations. Leaders often find themselves making decisions without complete information, managing teams they’ve only just met, and in a pressure cooker environment where tensions are running high.

While you can practice and conduct joint exercises, no disaster or emergency response ever totally follows “the plan.” Even the best of leaders can falter during a crisis response. But there are ways to navigate these challenging situations for even the first-time leader.

This online course, taught by Dr. Jeff Fox, PhD, pairs the two subject areas of Crisis or Disaster Response, with Leadership. We will examine the skills needed to be an effective crisis leader including leadership styles, how best to communicate in a crisis, the team concept, and the human component of a crisis. Further, we will also look at how leadership can and should function during the prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery phases of a crisis. We will examine decision-making and problem-solving as they relate to crisis management. And finally, we will look at how we might use after-action reporting to enhance future responses.


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