Online Course: Developing the Correctional Officer

Professionalism is critical for all criminal justice professionals – but perhaps no more so than for correctional and jail staff. Left alone to monitor and supervise inmates, corrections staff must be well-trained and exhibit integrity in order to handle and manage the myriad of situations staff find themselves in on a daily basis.

But how can you develop your staff into the professionals you need – in a timely and cost-effective manner?

Training and development isn’t a “once a year” event or something that should be left to the academy. Every correctional staff member can be a trainer, and every day has opportunities for training and development. Whether in formal classroom settings, through Field Training Supervision, or hands-on coaching – growing and developing your staff into the team you need and know they can be.

This online course explores ways you can build, grow, and develop your team through excellent training, thoughtful mentoring, and positive supervision.


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