Online Course: Community Corrections Officer Safety

The profession of “community corrections” often varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Department policies, procedures, training and safety equipment vary dramatically from one town to the next, and even from department to department.

But regardless of the jurisdiction you work in, there are some core principles that will help you maintain your professionalism, remain productive and proactive during the course of your duties, and most importantly, help you stay safe. The Community Corrections Officer Safety program is a progressive 5-course series on officer survival principles, concepts, and practices. This comprehensive training program provides Probation and Parole Officers foundational officer survival skills that allow you to be safer in the performance of your job duties.

While this course has been developed with the Community Corrections officer in mind, many in the criminal justice system will find a great deal of practical application to their roles as well. Whether you are a Probation or Parole Officer, out in the community, doing Home Contacts, an Animal Control Officer checking on a neglected dog complaint, or a Patrol Officer doing a Safety Check


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