Online Course: Building a Wellness Program from the Ground Up

No matter if you are a dispatcher, law enforcement officer, victim advocate or in animal welfare, the criminal justice profession can take a toll on your overall wellness. From impacting the quality of your sleep or eating habits, to how you interrelate with friends and family, to even how you handle money, overall wellness affects every part of your life.

With ample evidence demonstrating the importance and organizational benefit for developing wellness programs, many criminal justice leaders are realizing how wellness programs can be critical to supporting their teams’ diverse needs so they can thrive in these challenging professions.

But often new wellness coordinators are given little guidance on how to develop wellness programming, what options are available, how to implement the services, and – most importantly – how to get employees engaged and using the services.

In this online course, national thought leader Wendy Hummell, a successful developer and leader of her own organizational wellness program as well as advisor to countless others, will walk you step-by-step through developing a wellness program. From building your business case, to choosing the services your employees need, to ongoing management, Wendy coaches you through the entire process to ensure you develop a wellness program that is build to grow and evolve with your organization’s changing needs.


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