Online Course: An Introduction to Trauma Informed Victim Advocacy

The way we support victims and survivors can shape how they recover and move on from the most challenging times in their lives.

This 9-hour online course discusses the foundational topics of victim advocacy and providing trauma-informed services. Through this online course, you’ll learn the fundamentals and best practices of trauma-informed advocacy and develop critical skills for being an effective victim advocate. From the neurobiology of trauma to ethical practice, and self-care, this course will give you the information you need to better communicate and succeed in this helping profession.

While focused to help those entering or interested in pursuing the field of victim advocacy, this course can also help provide the basics or serve as a refresher for individuals working in a variety of settings including: system and out-of-system based organizations, community-based programs, schools, and college campuses, internal peer support initiatives and on military bases.



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