Online Course: Advanced Leadership

To say that we live in trying times would be a severe understatement.

Now, as much as ever, leadership is needed. The issues we face are complex and of monumental importance. Bobby Unser said, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Opportunity exists around every corner as do new challenges.

This online course is designed to help attendees hone and further prepare advanced leadership skills. The material covered in this course will benefit any leader or potential leader regardless of their discipline, focus, or background.

The concepts will be framed from and for a public service non-profit perspective. First, we will look at understanding and implementing leadership styles. We will then move to applying problem-solving and decision-making skills. Moving along, we will address coaching and mentoring for better performance. We wrap up with managing and leading for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

In each session, we will consider academically sound yet practitioner-based techniques, skills, and best practices to address each topic.


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