Obed Magny

Dr. Obed Magny is a police officer with over 15 years of experience. He is a founding member of the American Society of Evidence Based Policing (ASEBP). The ASEBP is a non-profit organization designed to drive the national conversation towards ensuring the least harmful, most effective, fairest, and safest research-based strategies are employed to prevent crime, reduce harm, and improve community wellness. Dr. Magny is a National Institute of Justice LEADS (Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science) Scholar Alum. The NIJ LEADS scholarship program helps law enforcement officers integrate research into their day-to-day work, and provides NIJ with direct insight from forward-leaning practitioners who value research and the role it plays in practice. In addition to being a LEADS Scholar, Dr. Magny is also a Policing Fellow at the Police Foundation. Dr. Magny is an expert in the field of motivation, job satisfaction, diversity, diversity, trauma, and emotional intelligence.

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