Nick Sayner, MPA

Nick Sayner has both a diverse and unique background in pretrial services.  His father, Bob Sayner, was heavily involved in the founding of Pretrial Services in Milwaukee County in the mid 1970s.  This lead to a number of unique learning opportunities such as jail visits at age five and volunteering with the pretrial services unit in his teens.  In the late 90’s it was no surprise to many that Nick decided to make Pretrial Services his career choice.  He served in various roles both as line staff, numerous management roles and now as the Executive Director of JusticePoint, Inc.  In addition to his traditional work roles, Nick has been recognized for his experience and expertise by being selected to serve in local, statewide and national criminal justice leadership positions. 

Currently, Nick serves as the Pretrial Service representative on Wisconsin’s Evidence-Based Decision Making Initiative Policy Team, Chair of Wisconsin’s Diversion Standards Subcommittee of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, a member of the Pretrial Executive Network and President-Elect of the National Association of Pretrial Services Agency.  Nick also is a certified Pretrial Services Technical Assistance Provider for the National Institute of Corrections and has conducted technical assistance on behalf of the Pretrial Justice Institute.

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